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Pepsi presents NFTs collection to commemorate the brand’s anniversary

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Pepsi, famous for its soft drinks, launched, on December 9, a collection of new NFTs to celebrate 128 years of the brand. The brand is now ready to enter the blockchain world for good with collections of the brand’s NFTs.

The collection calls it NFT Mic Drop Genesis was released with 1893 NFTs generated on the ETH blockchain. The number corresponds to the year of birth of the brand.

The brand’s intention is to bring the public even closer, maintaining the relationship with consumers even in the online world. NFTs feature variations in color, style and accessories that follow Pepsi flavors and make each character unique. NFTs will be automatically generated by algorithms.

New collection has a waiting list

Last December 10th, Pepsi needed to create a waiting list among those interested in NFTs. Approved users will be able to take the NFTs for free, until December 14th.

According to Pepsi’s vice president of marketing, Todd Kaplan, the campaign is part of the company’s actions in the midst of music and pop culture.

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