May 13, 2021


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Peter Brandt : Bitcoin can go under $ 1,000 and warning for XRP

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Peter Brandt : Bitcoin can go under $ 1,000 and warning for XRP

Veteran between traders and cryptocurrency analyst Peter Brandt reveals a gloomy forecast for Bitcoin (BTC). The cryptocurrency market remains vigilant in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as after the announcement of a ban on travel between the US and Europe.


Peter Brandt


Peter Brandt is a well known person in the cryptocommunity. This commodity analyst is more bullish than bearish on bitcoins and believes that a parabolic increase in the bitcoin chart could reach $ 140,000.


He is also known to have so far correctly predicted the crash of markets at all times. He was also the one to mark in time the massive retreat of bitcoins from a maximum price of around $ 20,000 in January 2018. And he sent a clear response to the world regarding a new bottom for Bitcoin.



Warning for XRP


Peter Brandt also sent a warning signal to all investors in the XRP cryptocurrency, as the value of this third largest cryptocurrency according to market capitalization declines with the rest of the crypto market. Brandt believes that the value of this digital asset still has enough room to fall.



Brandt has long accused Ripple, the largest XRP holder, of market manipulation:


“Another way to look at it is that almost anyone who has bought XRP since May 2017 has a loss.”


and added:


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