May 13, 2021


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Play BitBomb and get a crypto!

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The game is a puzzle style game called BitBomb. Very nicely rendered game graphics and gameplay will keep you entertained for a long time and help you get a bit of Bitcoin.

Play BitBomb and get a crypto!

In these difficult times, we are all looking for some activity at home. Some are returning to their hobby, for which they have not had enough time. Others don’t know what to do with so much time. We bring you a new Android game that will entertain, take some time and last but not least earn some bitcoin satoshi.


How does it work? You can find the game on the Play Store. Once installed, you can play BitBomb immediately. These are classic puzzles and joining the same blocks.


Payment of rewards


You can earn points by playing Bitbomb. These points are accumulated at 1,000 points = 1 satoshi accumulated and at 100,000 points (100 satoshi) you can pay the reward to the coinsgainer account. For similar games you can pay satoshi eg on Coinbase. In this game it is not directly on the wallet yet.


The game is still without ads, which is a big advantage. The only limit you have in the game is energy. You spend 3 points of energy on one game. This energy is recharged by one part every 10 minutes. You can play all day. So it is up to your skill how much satoshi you collect.


What is a coingainer?


As I mentioned, the payout is not directly to the wallet, but through the coingainer site. You need to register here.


It is a site designed primarily for betting by the Crash process, but this is definitely not recommended. That is their main purpose. Avoid this by arc. The priority is that you can send a satoshi from this BitBomb username to this page and then send it to any BTC wallet after collecting 20,000 satoshi.


So you need to coingainer just use it as an intermediate station of your satoshi, nothing more.




BitBomb is an interesting pastime for those long moments that we are now experiencing. So what? Will you do it?

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