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Players have invested more than a million dollars in crypto games

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Players have invested more than a million dollars in crypto games

The player has invested more than $ 1 million in a blockchain-based cryptocurrency game Decentraland over the past week. Players spent so much money on virtual real estate.


Investments in cryptogames


Players invested over a million dollars last week to buy virtual properties across three crypto games. These are Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and The Sandbox. The largest gaming platform is Decentraland, which generated more than $ 600,000 from players.


In terms of trading volume, Decentraland is one of the largest crypto games. The virtual world will be launched on February 20. Everything works through the Ethereum network. Investors can buy virtual land and buildings.


Players themselves can build as they please and imagine and then monetize their creations. This blockchain-free digital market will attract many investors and traders in addition to individual players.


Blockchain expert Robert Hoogendoorn commented on digital property ownership:


Virtual land in these digital world can be owned by players themselves. They are free to build whatever they want, and to monetize whatever they want. As a result this free digital market will attract both hobbyists and business opportunists.


Hoogendoorn said the growth of blockchain-based games is gaining momentum and virtual ownership is dramatically changing the traditional role of consumers. Players are no longer just consumers, they themselves contribute to a virtual world in which any creation has real value.


In addition to Decentraland, The Sandbox generated more than 6,000 sales worth more than $ 168,000 from players and investors. A total of 7% of the total game space was purchased. Cryptovoxels generated more than $ 204,000 on its platform.




Crypto games popularity is beginning to grow slowly and is expected to expand much more in the coming years. The launch of the game is scheduled for February 20 this year. If you are interested, you can join the game under this link.

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