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Polygon distributes SAND tokens in liquidity pools – short guide

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The play-to-earn game, The Sandbox, takes a big step in its migration to the Polygon network. This week, developers announced a rewards program for SAND holders who bet on their liquidity pool.

Players who leave SAND and MATIC tokens in a liquidity pool and then bet on The Sandbox share a SAND reward pool. The program includes bonus incentives for the first four weeks to encourage first time users.

After establishing an ongoing rewards system for cardholders who bet on the ETH network, The Sandbox begins work for a second-tier blockchain, Polygon (formerly known as the Matic network).

Some time ago they announced their intention to fully migrate to the Polygon network. Encouraging supporters to bet their SAND on Polygon is an important step towards that goal.

To try to avoid confusion with SAND tokens in the ETH network, the team named Plygon network tokens mSAND. Holders who join the staking pool will receive monthly payments from mSAND.

At least 300,000 mSAND goes into the reward pool weekly. In the first four weeks, the pool will receive an extra 200,000 mSAND.

Reward calculations began on December 17th, at 5:00 pm UTC (1:00 am EDT). And although the team only mentions mSAND tokens as rewards, they have provided a series of special NFTS to reward stakers in the ETH network.

How to participate?

To join a liquidity pool, you need to contribute an equal amount of two tokens. In this case, mSAND and MATIC. If you have any of the tokens on ETH, you can link them to Polygon for a fee.

Follow the instructions below to configure.

1) Go to your profile on The Sandbox:

2) Click the Approve button in mSAND / MATIC *

* Please note that if your wallet is not currently on Polygon Mainnet, you will need to switch to that network. If you have not configured Polygon Mainnet, you will be prompted to sign a message to add it as a network.

3) Now you can click on the program and click on Deposit. A side panel will open to allow you to enter the amount you wish to deposit.

4) If you don’t have any LP tokens, you can click on the Quickswap link to be redirected to the pool interface in Quickswap. From there, you can switch to mSAND or MATIC and add them to the pool in the desired amount.

5) After blocking the amount of LP you wish to wager, you will be prompted to sign the transaction.

For anyone who buys tokens themselves, make sure you get the correct tokens. Here are the official contract addresses for SAND tokens and for the liquidity pool at Polygon.

SAND on ETH: 0x3845badAde8e6dFF049820680d1F14bD3903a5d0
SAND at Polygon: 0xBbba073C31bF03b8ACf7c28EF0738DeCF3695683
mSAND-MATIC contract at polygon: 0x4ab0171c42b12c28c58c58c

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