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Postgrad Students Join the Crypto Revolution

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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are becoming increasingly prevalent in the age of technology. These technologies are now so ingrained in daily life that even students are joining the movement. According to Coin Cap Market, the pursuit of education in these emerging sectors is growing rapidly.

The blossoming blockchain sector is earning the validation of respected universities across the globe. Stanford University, Cornell University, and even MIT all recognize the enormous potential. Stanford has recently unveiled a postgraduate Center for Blockchain Research. Cornell has launched its own Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts. And students at MIT can take part in a Digital Currency Initiative to further their cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge.

Exploring Blockchain Educational Opportunities

Current postgraduate and bachelor degree options in blockchain are still scant. But, the good news is, they are quickly growing in number. Students can enroll in a range of different courses that equip them with the tools to navigate the complex and potentially profitable world of cryptocurrency. Many are attracted to these studies due to blockchain’s so-called ‘censorship resistance’ and its potential applications in building a more equitable financial system.

Blockchain is also a burgeoning sector of employment, offering an expanding range of high-salaried career opportunities for qualified candidates. Postgraduate students who enter the blockchain sector could earn six-figure salaries. Currently, the average blockchain developer reportedly earns between US$150,000 – $175,000 per year.

Students who are interested in joining the cryptocurrency movement on a long-term basis may be eager to work their way to the top. But managing stress levels in grad school is extremely important. Research shows that 44.9% of college students experience “higher than average” levels of stress. This can negatively affect their mental and physical health, concentration, and performance during exams. According to Elizabeth Scott PhD at Very Well Mind, students can manage their stress levels in various ways. These include prioritizing healthy sleep, exercising regularly, and staying organized.

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Pursuing a Career in Blockchain and Crypto

In the age of remote work and study, more prestigious universities than ever before are offering courses and qualifications online. One recommended platform for pursuing education in blockchain and cryptocurrencies is Coursera. This popular platform has partnered with thousands of accredited universities to offer free online courses. The Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies course offered by Princeton University is particularly highly reviewed.

Students aiming to earn an MSc or BA in blockchain will find options available to them too. Stanford University offers 10 courses on blockchain, while Cornell University currently offers nine. Stanford’s course range features classes like Cryptocurrencies and Ledgers, and Cryptography. Cornell offers a certificate on Blockchain Essentials that students can complete online. MIT boasts classes including Crypto Finance and Blockchain Ethics. These classes are available to enrolled students, along with other online courses available to anyone.

Foreign students can also find blockchain-based educational programs online. Respected institutions such as the Swiss Institute of Technology and the National University of Singapore both offer education in this subject. reports that the first-ever Masters students in blockchain graduated from the University of Nicosia’s MSc in Digital Currency program in 2016. Many more graduates are expected to follow suit in years to come.

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