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‘Pro’ crypto trading terminal Kattana announces IDO and $1.3 million in fundraising

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DeFi terminal Kattana is launching its own token via an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Polkastarter, it said in a release shared with CryptoSlate today.

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce our IDO for the $KTN token on Polkastarter on the 9th of April,” the firm said in a tweet.

Additionally, Kattana also announced it raised a $1.3 million round of fundraising led by Morningstar Ventures and Spark Digital Cash.

Why Kattana?

Picture a noisy trading room or watch a movie that’s set inside a busy investment bank, and chances are that you’d see hundreds of iconic Bloomberg terminals strutted around flashing trading data from thousands of assets around the world.

That’s traditional finance, however, and the crypto world is yet to boast of its own trading terminal. You can stream BTC prices on Bloomberg, yes, but who would want to do that anyway? It’s not like looks aren’t the end game for a crypto trader either: Such terminals display data from hundreds of sources at the same time to help traders make better, faster decisions.

Add to that the $92.54 billion DeFi market with the tens of thousands of yield farms and interconnected financial systems and what you get is a cluttered mess that’s untidier than a doctor’s note.

Filling that gap and making a crypto trader’s life easier and more data-rich is Kattana, a terminal that allows users to trade in real-time via over 40 decentralized exchanges (DEXs) with advanced order types and high-quality charts.

The firm says it started out in CeFi but is getting into the DeFi market with its pro-level graphs and tools to let ‘anyone trade DeFi like a pro.’


KTN token on Polkastarter

Pokastarter, for the uninitiated, Is a permissionless DEX that allows users to create and issue cross-chain token pools. The protocol also allows developers to run auctions for their tokens via a quick and cheap token generation event that’s both highly secure and organized at the same time.

“With the help of Polkastarter’s platform, we are preparing to make this the fairest and most transparent token generation event to date,” said Kattana in a statement.

More details about the whitelist and the token will be disclosed on Kattana’s social media channels and any ‘Kattana’ or ‘KTN’ token listed anyway before April 9 is likely a scam and not the official token.

The move comes after a successful private round close with contributions exceeding $1.3 million. Kattana, in addition, chose an IDO since it is the most effective way to give ownership to the community in a fair manner.

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