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Prominent whale Joe007 warns of shock across markets

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Prominent whale Joe007 warns of shock across markets

Joe007, who earned $ 20 million at Bitfinex in a matter of hours, warns of the shock of the global economy. The end of the tunnel is still not in sight, and as the spread of coronavirus continues, we still have much pain before us.

The global economy is experiencing bad times at the time of coronavirus spread. The virus crippled most of the pillars on which the modern world stands. After a long time, the legendary whale comes with its view of the crisis that must sooner or later necessarily occur.

This time Joe puts on a conspiratorial tone, but it doesn’t hurt his message.

The whale also predicts that investors will continue to prefer the US dollar most of all.

“Unless something changes dramatically, I expect a liquidity leak to the USD. And very soon. Of course, this will have consequences for the price of the BTC (and for cryptocurrencies in general). ”

Many commentators refuse to believe his predictions and call him a conspiracy theorist. However, it will be time to tell which party is right.

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