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Raoul Pal: “BTC will crack 100k this year”

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Raoul Pal: "BTC will crack 100k this year"

Crypto enthusiast Raoul Pal announces his bullish assessment of the crypto market and earns applause for it.

Raoul Pal told that at the Blockchance conference 2021. He gave us these insights for the crypto space.

The former Goldman Sachs Hedge fund manager and founder of Real vision is known for his bullish comments on the crypto scene.  When was asked when the mother of all cryptocurrencies will reach the 100k mark, Raoul Pal replied clumsily: “I think in December”. After Pal had to confirm again that he was actually talking about the year 2021, everyone in the lecture hall only clapped. “I think ETH will rise to over 10,000 this year,” he said.

In addition to the bullish assessments of the crypto enthusiast, the interview also deals with a few other construction sites. Accordingly, Pal supports, for example, the “BTC strategy” of MicroStrategy– Boss Michael Saylor – Get into debt, buy BTC. While there are “no safe bets in this world,” Pal said, crypto could see “the fastest growing adoption of all technologies”.

Of course, the current Metaverse hype was also part of the interview. Pal stated that he had “two different thoughts on this in his head”. In addition to the ease of “connecting with other people in a meaningful way”, the Metaverse would also open completely new doors for generating income. “We are no longer limited by the resources available on planet earth,” said Pal.

However, one actor should not be the “owner” of the Metaverse. “That’s not what the Metaverse is at all,” said Raoul Pal. The digital space will creep into our everyday life without us being aware of it. “It happens incrementally,” described Pal. “When I sit in my Tesla, that’s basically the metaverse.”

While Pal is mostly positive about the parallel universe, there are also a few conditions. “We need experiences in the Metaverse that don’t control our data,” he explained.

And what does Raoul Pal have to recommend to crypto-ethosiasts? He explained that “zooming out” is the most important. “Filter out the noise and excitement,” he concludes.

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