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Rapper will turn songs into avatars for metaverse game

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During Miami NFT Conferece, an event focused on NFTs and preceding the BTC Miami Conference, rapper French Montana announced that his new album, Montega, will become a 2D metaverse.

According to the rapper, who recently signed a partnership with Radio Caca (RACA), the songs from his new work will be transformed into avatars for a 2D minigame that will be integrated into Metamon Island, Radio Caca’s metaverse.

Also according to the artist’s presentation at the event, a total of US$ 25 million is being invested in the creation and development of the game along with the avatars.

Also according to him, the 2d game will be a “move-to-earn’ model adopted by Stepn in which players need to perform physical activities such as walking, running, jumping, etc., to earn rewards and scores in the game.

The first version of the minigame should be released in April within Metamon. Then in July, the full version “2D Montega Metaverse (2DMMM)” will be released.

Following Montana’s announcement, Radio Caca highlighted in a Medium post that 2DMMM will have “universal” integration with all NFTs built on ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

In this way, it will be possible to use and interact in the metaverse with any NFT built on ETH.

“We see NFTs as more than just game characters or artwork. They drive all aspects of gameplay and stat tracking in 2DMM. NFTs will be used to their fullest potential in 2DMM, representing all of your in-game assets such as whatever roles you have, pets and 2D houses you own, tools that can be used,” the team stated.


Recently, the developers of Metamon announced the burning of 635 of their avatars. The goal of the initiative was to balance the game’s reward system.

In addition, they highlighted that other avatar burning events are expected to take place soon. The intention is to maintain the value, rarity and playability of the game.

The team also highlighted the launch of a trial version of Metamon World. For this, it updated all game servers, causing an interruption in the game for all players.

The update lasted about 8 hours and then access to new content was released.

Finally, the developer allowed entry of Metamons at level 60 in Metamon World. However, level 60 avatars will no longer be able, in the new version, to stay on Metamon Island to earn Egg Shards.

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