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Real Madrid launches tickets via NFT

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Even in the world of football come the smart ticket and make their debut with the team most successful ever, the real Madrid. All this thanks to Lava and the services offered by Flow – protocol which we have already talked about in our guide on NFT.

A project that has already been tested as pilot last September and which will now become officially supported by the real Madrid, which can also use it by linking ai digital tickets the ability to access special offers and prizes. Something that is also reminiscent of what we saw with Chiliz, for a world of football that matters that is increasingly linked to that of having now fully understood its potential.

NFT as tickets: this is how they work

This is the issue of digital tickets on blockchain – which in this case refer to LAVA and then to Flow, which work in the first place exactly like paper tickets, with the difference that they are registered on blockchain and which therefore can also be linked to initiatives in the digital world.

One system, for the real Madrid, to bond even more to a fan base that matters 600,000,000 from enthusiasts all over the world. Thus improving the experience and the closeness of the fans to the club of Blancos from Madrid, the most victorious team in Europe and a team of unrivaled blazon.

By taking advantage of NFTs, Real Madrid are giving their fans the opportunity to invest in themselves, collect digital items and even have a piece of the “online world”. It is a technology that is changing the world and also the experience of the fans. Because they are digital, NFTs give us the ability to create new pathways for fans, particularly those who have limited opportunities to connect with the club beyond the match. In the future, NFTs will allow the club to connect with their fans wherever they are, offline and online.

This is the comment of Michael Sunderland, the Chief Transformation Officer of Real Madrid, who has therefore already outlined the future of this experience, which could therefore really radically change the way one lives the club, even beyond the match.

LAVA is the technological partner of this new activity of the first club in Europe, and has made equally enthusiastic comments on the possibilities that this type of activity will open up for the whole sector.

Each brand is looking for new ways to entertain their customers, at any time and in any way. We are delighted to be working with Real Madrid to revolutionize the fan experience, both at the stadium and at home. Through NFT Smart Tickets, fans will receive unique experiences, collectibles and even cryptocurrencies. With LAVA, Real Madrid will bring the experience to every home, to your neighborhood, to your favorite store and even to the restaurant. NFTs last forever – as does future fan experience.

A visionary comment – which opens up to new and interesting uses for the blockchain world in the world of entertainment – even when of the highest level such as that guaranteed by Spanish football and real Madrid. A field where the Italian teams are already at the forefront: AS Roma is a partner of and Chiliz and has already launched several initiatives using its $ ASR tokens. Inter, Juventus and Lazio also have their own token – a sign that Italian football, for once, has something to teach in terms of brand management even to famous foreign clubs.

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