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Residents of Cool Valley will receive a thousand dollars in BTC

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Cool Valley, Missouri, a small town of approximately 1,500 residents in the St. Louis District. Louis recently became the subject of international attention after his mayor, Jayson Stewart, announced that he planned to give each resident up to $ 1,000 in BTC.

Education is the key

Stewart, a passionate ecologist who has spent years cleaning up the world’s oceans, believes that BTC education is key to growing his city’s prosperity, well-being and sustainability.

Just as he dreams of a world free of the environmental damage caused by irresponsible litters, he envisions a future in which BTC cleans up many of the ills of the financial system.

Stewart hopes that a BTC-friendly bank will soon appear in the city, and sees it as a path that can boost the city’s wealth through greater wealth and business opportunities such as mining facilities and even BTC events.

Mainly people, not government entities

Stewart’s plan to distribute Bitcoin to the people of Cool Valley is already fully funded. He explains that the plan is paid for by private donors in order to increase acceptance and educate users.

“At the moment, the project is fully funded for $ 1,000 per household.”

he confirmed, adding that the city had received more donations because the story had become so popular in a way he had never expected.

Although Stewart believes that it would be very wise for a city to keep part of its coffers in cryptocurrencies, he explains that there are legal obstacles to doing so, many of which are set out in the state constitution for cities and municipalities to invest in assets.

He makes it clear to everyone that his main concern is for ordinary people to benefit from BTC, not government entities. The more people have a stake in the BTC network, the stronger it can become.

Mixed feelings

Stewart encountered mixed reactions from city residents, from enthusiasm and curiosity to confusion, which is common among older members of the community.

“They have a lot of questions like ‘what is it?’ how do i save it? how do I get there “?”

The distribution process is not yet complete, but education is one of the key objectives of the project, because in order for residents to receive their BTC, they must understand what they are receiving. To this end, the organization of seminars or similar educational opportunities is planned.

People from different economic backgrounds live in Cool Valley, so “$ 1,000 looks different for different people.” However, the desire is for residents to keep their coins for a while, instead of selling them immediately, in part because of Stewart’s transparent belief that their value will grow over time.

Patience is, after all, a virtue. To encourage this patience, it is planned to offer residents the opportunity to pay more if they agree to hold their coins for a set period of time, with a smaller amount being provided to those who wish to sell them.


Stewart has a long way to go, from learning about BTC to learning computer literacy and, last but not least, financial literacy. However, getting $ 1,000 in BTC might not be bad at all. 

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