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Ripple will create open metaverse

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Ripple announced a cooperation with FLUF World, to create an open metaverse with XRP. The partnership aims to launch a global creative community and ecosystem of NFT-based collectibles.

Ripple in partnership to create open metaverse

To this end, the companies announced the launch of a decentralized blockchain network, the Root Network. Thus, the network is being created to give life to “The Open Metaverse”, a project of both companies.

Therefore, The Open Metaverse intends to aggregate several NFT collections with over 195,000 different items. According to the developers of “The Open Metaverse”, the XRP ledger is the best blockchain at the moment.

“We haven’t found a better foundation for building such a complex structure than the XRP Ledger,” he said.

The developers of “The Open Metaverse” have declared that it will be continuous and interoperable. According to the project’s official website, metaworld is based on two main principles:

  • Achieve an immersive experience that addresses the theme of a continuous virtual world.
  • User ownership of their assets, including full control over in-game items.

In addition, they want to establish the freedom of player owners to act on them as they wish.

“We want an entirely separate network for the future Metaverse,” declared FLUF World.

According to them, this is critical to give all creators unlimited access to blockchain.

“A simple network to create smart contracts without having to write or implement complex contracts,” he said.

Thus, ‘The Open Metaverse’ code will run on the root network via the ETH virtual machine (EVM).

The Root Network will also support bridges to XRPL and ETH networks. This will allow you to connect them to the two largest web3 communities. It is also worth mentioning that XRP was chosen to be used as the underlying asset to pay GAS on the network.

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