May 12, 2021


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Ripple’s return on investment: The XRP analysis

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TL;DR Breakdown

• XRP maintains its uptrend amid a recovering market.
• XRP’s fame focuses on its relatively short-term ROI.

Ripple has been involved in a lot of speculation so far this year, with rumors of going public. This news coincides with the SEC lawsuit that has ravaged the company and its coin. Ripple has then reacted to all the positive news in a positive way.

The increase in volume and value of the asset shows its efficiency in different blockchains. XRP’s takes 3.1 seconds to complete each transaction and with payment fees of $0.0004. The cryptocurrency has emerged as a fast and relatively affordable altcoin.

This positive news on XRP has contributed to the asset’s performance in recent days. In less than seven days, XRP rose in value by 52.45%, which is impressive. The popularity of the asset alongside the BTC and ETH increase and even the increase in trade volume have benefited XRP.

XRP and its volatility

The asset’s volatility has fallen by 40% and remained low while the XRP value has continued to rise. The asset’s value is predicted to rise to more than $500. This theory goes according to the statistics that emerged in the last bullish rally.

There was a significant value increase in the 2017 rally of the crypto coin, but this year, it will be different. This run leans towards higher values ​​which could be incredible for investors who are part of the game.

The major hodlers of the currency have been on a triple-digit return from the onset of the altcoin’s trend. From the data shared by Messari, the return on investment as far as XRP is concerned has been very striking for traders. This short-term ROI has managed to fuel XRP’s fame.

XRP – a top option for short-term ROI

According to the pricing charts, XRP’s short-term and long-term ROI makes it perfect for HODLers. It has high volatility and also works for investors who want to bet risk-free. Other alternate digital currencies can be BNB and ETH, both with a significantly higher value.

Although XRP is overvalued currently, crypto experts predict that the asset’s value may follow its uptrend. The demand has positively affected XRP, causing a rebound in its price. This movement was consolidated in the improvement in the value of the asset, which attracted more investors. Even though the SEC’s lawsuit caused some uncertainty for XRP, its price increased with a 50% profit in a few weeks.

The asset may continue to rise in price value for the next quarter of the year. XRP is one of the many altcoins currently taking advantage of the volatility left behind by top cryptocurrencies like BTC. As long as investors continue to view XRP as a profitable trading asset, its value is expected to be on the rise.

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