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Robinhood shares are waiting for a big sale and Dogecoin

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One of the world’s largest financial giants, JPMorgan, warns of possible vulnerabilities in society RobinHood. According to a leading analyst, the Dogecoin token is behind it.

RobinHood and Dogecoin

According to the analyst Kenneth Worthington RobinHood shares are highly likely to decline. But what’s behind it? His answer will probably surprise you. The analyst cites the very low activity in the Dogecoin network and the huge decline in trading volumes of the DOGE token as the main reason. A leading brokerage application can be very vulnerable.

In any case, DOGE is in decline, which is clearly reflected in the price of the token. It is already being said among analysts that the era of this coin meme is in its finale. So are we waiting for an exchange as a dog unit? Will Shiba Inu replace the DOGE token?

Worthington said that unlike competing cryptocurrency trading platforms, RobinHood has failed to increase its trading volumes. Dogecoin recorded compared to the whole market, only a 15% increase and thus lagged significantly behind the competing SHIB token.

According to an JPMorgan analyst, RobinHood’s shares could fall sharply after the blockade. It will be unlocked more than 500,000 shares.

RobinHood CEO responds to Shiba Inu

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