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RobinHood’s listing of Shiba Inu may not be possible at all

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Shiba Inu and RobinHood
Shiba Inu and RobinHood. Source: Google

Probably one of the most discussed topics of recent days is token listing Shiba Inu by RobinHood. However, there are fears that this step will not be taken so soon. And maybe not at all.

Shiba Inu and RobinHood

The canine cryptocurrency community is doing everything possible to make a listing. The question, however, is whether the company RobinHood he will sometimes take this step at all. There are more reasons why not.

Community Shiba Inu puts his trust in the petition. However, what has worked with Coinbase may no longer apply to RobinHood. To date, more than 400,000 people.

The company seems to be really careful and does not plan to list any new altcoins. There are still a lot of questions about regulatory laws, so this possibility is still risky. The same is true for the SHIB token trading itself, which it still represents significant risk.

The most important are the clients

The head of the company Quantum Capital, Mati Greenspan commented on the situation. According to him, listing SHIB is a huge risk and RobinHood will not do so. New players are appearing on the market who can achieve the same success as DOGE or SHIB. They are cryptocurrencies like FLOKI or BabyDoge. If it seems impossible to you, then the past says something else.

If RobinHood will list Shib, there would be other projects that would demand the same. It’s like an army of useless projects. And this certainly doesn’t make sense. However, the community is sure that the token will grow even without Elon Musk or browsing a major company. The future will show more.

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