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Roger Ver is afraid of rebellion. – Taxation of BCH mining is abolished!

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Roger Ver is afraid of rebellion. - Taxation of BCH mining is abolished!
Finder withdrew from the proposed tax for miners mining the BCH cryptocurrency. He fears the revolt of the miners and the community.


Roger Ver waives the tax


According to today’s statement pool respectively. Roger Ver takes back the proposal for a 12.5% ​​fee for BCH miners. The founder of BCH was one of the supporters of this tax. Roger Ver initially submitted and supported the proposal along with other large pools. This form of tax should have served to evolve.

The proposal was published by the CEO of Jiang Zhuoer. Miners would be automatically charged with tax and transferred to a private company, where they would be used, for example, to pay developers.

Critics pointed to the private company as one of the weakest points in the proposal. Some argued that they would at least freely vote on exactly what the funds should be used for. In addition, the procedure itself was somewhat reminiscent of trying to 51% attack, when several major miners joined in an attempt to change BCH.


The taxation proposal is canceled


In short, the proposal met with a huge dislike of the BCH community. The negative reaction forced Roger Ver to revise the proposed taxation. In the end, he decided to make the tax abolish, or at least postpone it, until everyone agreed on the proposal.

“, as it stands today, will not go through a supportive plan unless there is greater agreement in the ecosystem to neglect the risk of chain breaking. We believe it is clear that the current proposal does not have sufficient support. “


Trying to turn away the fork


If you are interested in the crypto, you must have been challenged by the proposal as to whether the community will be quarreled and BCH split. However, probably no one wants another weakening of BCH after another fork, which had previously formed BSV.

Not even BCH boss Roger Ver and his pool (also the name of the BCH site, many times criticized for misinforming newcomers by pretending to be Bitcoin sites outwardly) want it. He called for transparency, flexibility and unity.

Roger Ver and other proposers probably realized that failure to reach an ecosystem agreement could easily lead to some “rebellion” and ramification. This would not be the first time, and it would probably only hurt BCH. In the worst-case scenario, Roger Vera might have a weaker branch in his hands.




The Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency community was somewhat divided by a mining tax report. The founder of BCH Roger Ver is now taking back the proposal to prevent further cleavage of the community. However, there is still an open question in the future as to how it will be to finance developers when voluntary donations may not be enough. This also applies to other cryptocurrencies.

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