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Scam´s guide from start to finish. How does Scam work?

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Scam´s guide from start to finish. How does Scam work?

The Internet is full of fraudsters. Such fraudsters need to get as much money from people as possible in the shortest time through SCAM fraud. Often these are credible projects at first glance. There are even more such frauds in the cryptosystem, because many people are attracted to high commissions or promised% profit from their investment. Let us now briefly go through such a timeline, as most such fraud arises and disappears.


Phase 0 – Introduction


I devote this section to the opposite audience – investors. They are divided into three groups for such projects:


  • Those who really believe the project, for example. after insertion of 0.01 BTC they will have 0.05 BTC in 60 days. Or earlier. It’s a stupid consideration. They enter the project when they encounter it somewhere on the social network. It may already be in the extinction part of this fraud.
  • Those who, on the advice of the first ones, believe that if it “works” to them why they could not earn. This is foolishness associated with trust in strangers. The first ones usually commit a crime when recommending SCAM.
  • Those who invest in the project knowing they can lose the investment. Such people often try their luck and the SCAMU mechanism to warn others in advance. They enter the project among the first.


Stage 1 – origin


The SCAM project is being developed and marketing is underway. He often has a well-rewarded reward system for other investors whom he invites to the project. Called. referral systém. The first investor will receive a reward for the invitation and some advantage or reward will also be given to the invited investor. This structure is very quickly (viral) spread among people. Some signs can tell you that there is something wrong with it. Which are they?


  • Using unusual domains such as * .farm * .club * .finance and so on.
  • High % appreciation, whether daily or monthly.
  • Creators have their own ICO, which is not listed anywhere.
  • No SSL certificate, ie. j. the site is not https but only http, which means it is not safe for you and it is not recommended to enter any personal information on it.
  • It is only possible to withdraw the investment after a month, but after a few days of running the project, they have posted on the site how many investors have already collected their earnings. And how did they do it?
  • The graphic design of the page is very low, some buttons do not work and so on.
  • The company’s registered office is located according to google maps somewhere in the middle of a field, river, etc.


Phase 2 – First Payouts (Sometimes Last)


After about a month or two of the site’s operation, investors theoretically have their deposit back, which they allow or not to withdraw. It depends where the SCAM project wants to go. If they have already collected deposits, a few people will pay (sometimes no one) and finish it. The page stops working from day to day and it’s over.


In the second case, the project continues and the confidence of the project increases by starting to pay the first investors. Of course, they make screenshots of payments, which they then spread among their referrals, bringing the site even more clients = deposits = finance. How to know at this stage that there is no need to get involved?


  • Some investors start spreading the information that it is not possible to withdraw their money.
  • The project will give investors new opportunities that are unrealistic, such as 200% of the top deposit as a bonus. This is nonsense that a real society could never provide. They would be deeply lost.
  • Sets higher minimum amounts to pay. E.g. first month 0.01 BTC and then 0.1 BTC etc.


Phase 3 – extinction


Many SCAMs will end after the first phase, others after the second, but many SCAM projects may run for over a year. Do not think they are at a loss. No they are not. Although they pay, but pay only from what they collected.


In the last phase, an unexpected end may come every hour and therefore it is not advisable to get involved at this stage, when the project has been operating for several months. It’s the worst time to invest. Speculators and investors who are aware that they can lose everything have long ago packed up.




Please avoid arches for any SCAM or site that promises a high return on investment in a short period of time (HYIPs). As soon as someone recommends a project, it can already be 90% SCAM. The remaining 10% can be traced, read about them, and made choices. In any case, invest as much as you are willing to lose.

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