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Security Camera Systems For the Home

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Installed in the home, the purpose of security cameras is to monitor and record activity in or around your property. Externally, they not only provide visual surveillance to monitor and watch your property but also act as a natural visual deterrent to would-be burglars. Together with signage, security cameras prevent an intrusion even before the burglar has trespassed onto your land. Security cameras deter the ‘opportunistic’ crime, where people take advantage of a situation on the spur of the moment.

There are a variety of security cameras available on the market to suit your requirement and pocket. For those on a budget, can buy a camera that simply plugs straight into your TV set. This is great for watching to see who has come to your door or watch over your car. You could attach a regular VCR to the camera and record the images if you wish.

For far more flexibility and potential, an IP security camera is the future. An IP security camera is a stand-alone device which allows you to view live, full motion video from anywhere in the world and they are used for both surveillance of homes and businesses. By recording the live video to a remote location, IP security cameras allow you to make sure your recorded video is safe by storing it at a location that only you can access. IP cameras are available as both wired and wireless. Many security cameras have night vision capability thus negating the need to have exterior security lighting.

These days the sophistication is not only in the cameras but in the recording equipment too. A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is a device that records video in a digital format usually to a disk drive. For around $350 you can buy a DVR which has a hard disk, much like a PC, to record images. The big advantage of a DVR over a time-lapse VCR is the amount of video you can record. DVR’s are typically multi-channel which means they can record images from 4, 8 or 16 cameras simultaneously.

Inside the home, technology has moved on and there are all kinds of cameras available for a variety of applications providing different benefits for different purposes. One area that has boomed is the covert or hidden camera. These devices can now be found hidden in all kinds of household items, from kid’s toys, lamps and clocks to pens and sunglasses. They are great for watching over your nanny while you are out or keeping a eye on your house keeper.

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