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Several reasons to herald the fall of the stock markets and Bitcoin next week?

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Several reasons to herald the fall of the stock markets and Bitcoin next week?

As we have become accustomed to in the last month, Bitcoin is driven by world markets. On Friday, the trading closed with slightly down by 3-4%.


Bitcoin reacted in the same way when he started to lose value and even got to $ 6,100. These reports may herald the poor opening of world markets on Monday. Therefore, let’s look at some of the information we could see on the financial markets towards the end of trading.


1) Dow & S&P Futures are down. US markets are expected to open on Monday with a slump.


2) The US has seen an increase in unemployment of 1,000% since last year. This is the highest unemployment rate the US has ever seen.


3) Investors are going to liquidate profits and make profit after this week, why? The US has just become the most infected country in the world, why would you risk holding an asset?


4) The US added 500 trillion this week. USD against the crisis. We expect that by the end of the crisis the US is releasing additional funds but as we see the market it has only a short-term effect and if the situation regarding the pandemic of the coronavirus does not calm down by the end of days.


This week we saw an incentive from world banks to support the markets and economies of the countries. These incentives have worked and the slump has ended, even the markets have grown somewhat. But The US already has more than 100,000 infected. The new epicenter of the world is becoming the US. The news will have a negative impact on world markets next week. There is an assumption that Bitcoin has already started selling. If this happens and confirms, next week we can count on $ 6,000 support on Bitcoin. If it is broken, the graph shows $ 5,500 and then $ 5,100.

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