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Shiba Inu Coin listed on CoinSmart

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Another important listing for Shiba Inu Coin – which is confirmed as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies even by intermediaries that help investors move, buy and sell theirs crypto-asset.

No, it’s not what everyone hopes for, but it’s still important: we are talking about CoinSmart, a little known platform, but nevertheless of great impact on the market and which will allow an even wider audience to access investments in SHIB.

The listing of Shiba Inu Token on this specific exchange of cryptocurrencies is also very interesting for the other cryptocurrencies that have been listed at the same time. Let’s talk about Chainlink And Uniswap, two protocols of absolute importance and which are central in the world of decentralized finance.

This is a sign – albeit more aesthetic than financial – of the relevance that has been assumed by SHIB even in the collective imagination of the operators that animate the cryptocurrency market. A particularly strong player in Canada, a territory perhaps far from the interests of our readers, but which will certainly bring an important new nucleus of interested parties to Shiba Inu on this market.

In the absence of other listings, this is still an important point for the evolution of Shiba Inu Token

What anyone who doesn’t seriously deal with SHIB does not tell is the actual state of the art of this cryptocurrency and of the world that revolves around it. Even if we are, at least in a sense, still in the world of meme token, it is absolutely ungenerous to continue to treat it as such. For a variety of reasons, which will also help us understand the relevance of these listing, if we want minors.

  • A lot is developing around Shiba Inu

Starting with the game that will exploit the NFT of the ecosystem, the famous Shiboshi, an operation that could raise the price and also attract fans of blockchain games to the world of Shiba Inu. Also noteworthy is the project for the creation of a blockchain own, which will signal the release from ETH and that would make this project a done and finished protocol.

  • The market cap is very high – and has already held up on the occasion of several sell offs

Another misreading, by many colleagues, is the one he would associate SHIB to mechanisms of pump and dump as in the case of minor token meme and very low capitalization. We are at an evolutionary point of the protocol where to raise the price even by only the 5% it requires very important capital – which can hardly be manipulated by third parties.

  • The more people access this market, the higher the demand

Always many of our colleagues tend to snub who they are listing If we want minors and which have no impact on the price they had eToro or again Coinbase and likely the impact it will have RobinHood.

However, these are nonetheless steps towards more widespread adoption of SHIB, which will exert a strong pressure on the price, microeconomics in hand. Just as Rome was not made in a day, we cannot expect the spread of this token within 24 hours for the same entity that we see on BTC or up ETH. It will be a gradual process, which the listing on CoinSmart it is an intermediate step.

Who is CoinSmart and why it is an interesting intermediary

CoinSmart it’s a exchange highly evolved operating mainly in Canada and that it has also issued its own token, which functions as a system of governance and also of participation in the activities of the exchange itself. In terms of supported cryptocurrencies, it is still slightly behind the more famous ones.

The fact that in the first groups of cryptocurrencies added has been inserted precisely $ SHIB it is an excellent signal for the protocol, given that these intermediaries must have important funds for the cryptocurrencies they offer on the list. If this is not a good sign …

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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