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Shiba Inu Coin soon on BitPay

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We finally have timing, even if relatively dilated, as regards the insertion of SHIB as a payment method accepted by AMC, the chain of cinema Americans that many will know because they are the object of one short squeeze epic, always moved by those of WallStreetBets.

To speak is, once again, the CEO company, finally offering timelines on a project it had said it personally approved – and which for lack of news it had started generate not a little discontent among the impatient hodlers from Shiba Inu Token.

Shiba will be ready for AMC in 2-4 months

Yes, there is a need for some technical adjustment for the system that allows AMC to get payments in BTC and in others cryptocurrencies. Technical adjustments which, as reported by Adam Aron himself, have already begun.

Dear friends of ShibArmy. Our friends at BitPay have decided to include support for Shiba Inu precisely because I asked it, so that he could use it for online payments for rentals and tickets from AMC. AMC will be the first of BitPay customers to accept Shiba. The timing is 60-120 days. This is WOW!

This is the message that Adam Aron entrusted to Twitter, immediately circulated with frightening numbers, with over 10,000 RTs and over 26,000 I like at the time of writing. Let’s try to understand a fundamental aspect of the story, which is very interesting for all those who already have it in their portfolio Shiba Inu Coin or they are thinking of putting it in their wallet now.

BitPay is one of the most popular intermediaries with regards to i payments At online merchant of any kind through cryptocurrencies. The introduction of SHIB in the price list of supported cryptocurrencies it will not only involve AMC, but all the customers of the group, which number in the thousands. It will be, once it goes through, one of the biggest steps forward for the adoption of SHIB as a payment method ever.

SHIB suffers: but the sector is holding the helm

SHIB is not yet fully out of the suffering period of the last few weeks, a period exacerbated by the sell off which in the night covered all the main cryptocurrencies. A difficult moment to read, which however tells us once again of the strength of this protocol, which many had imagined ready to return to zero in a few days and which instead holds around 0.00005 $. That the phase of lateral movements with slight bearish trends is prolonging?

Probably yes, although we believe that the main problem for Shib and for the moment the perception of the market as a particularly high risk asset, and therefore the first to be eliminated from portfolios in market phases of this type. However, with the data we now have in our possession, we remain open to new rises.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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