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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 04/03 | Wallmart Partner of Hyperledger!

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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 04/03 | Wallmart Partner of Hyperledger!

Altcoin rally is over?


Ethereum slipped from $ 290 to low $ 207, although it is currently traded for $ 226. Litecoin, XRP and Bitcoin Cash are similar.


Dash dropped from $ 160 this year to $ 80-90. However, it is twice as much as the $ 40 for which it traded earlier this year. Over the past week, however, he held slightly better than Bitcoin.


So is it worth buying altcoins? Why not? If Bitcoin starts to climb, high-quality alts will go up a little faster. However, it is important to choose the right cryptocurrency.


Wallmart joined the open-source project Hyperledger


The Hyperledger project was launched in 2016. It is under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation and aims to ensure the compatibility of different blockchains. In the past, giants like IBM and Intel have also contributed to this project. Wallmart and seven other companies also joined the hyperledger consortium.


Trading volumes at LocalBitcoins hit a seven-year low


The popular peer-to-peer exchange office, LocalBitcoins, has experienced a significant decline in bitcoin trading due to the apparent uncertainty of its users. Coin Dance statistical portal reports that global deals on this platform touched a seven-year low during the week ending February 22, 2020. During that period, only 3,144 Bitcoins, or approximately $ 28 million, were traded on LocalBitcoins. This is the lowest traded value within a week since May 2013.


Coinbase and Messari recommend working from home due to coronavirus


Coinbase chief executive Brian Armstrong, in connection with the spread of coronavirus in a tweet, has indicated that he recommends employees of his company who can, let they work from home. Ryan Swelkis, the founder of Messari, took the same step just an hour later.


In addition, Armstrong has indicated that coronavirus affects the specific areas in which it operates, whether offices in Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, New York or Japan. “Working from home is not a complete solution, but it may help slow the growth of infections.”


IOTA will start Coordinator soon. The reputation of the project has suffered


The IOTA Foundation has announced that it is working to re-launch the Coordinator, which ensures the execution of transactions on this network. This could probably happen on 10 March, with a less realistic date already on 7 March. However, the reputation of the entire project suffered from its shutdown, although it did not significantly affect the price.


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