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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 06/03 | Scams, Japanese company invested in the Pantera Capital cryptofund

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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 06/03 | Scams, Japanese company invested in the Pantera Capital cryptofund

Crypto scams are growing rapidly! Attention!


In 2019, cryptocurrency fraud was one of the most profit investments ever. On average, the owner of a fraud or ponzi scheme has stolen thousands of USD on his project. There were those who robbed people of millions of USD. The number of frauds, which are joined with crypto exchanges has risen sharply over the past year.


“Cryptocurrency scams rose to the second riskiest scam in 2019. With a median dollar loss of $3,000, these scams are having a devastating impact on consumers. In some cases, consumers don’t quite understand these digital assets, enabling scammers to take advantage of them by convincing consumers they’ll make significant returns on an ‘investment’.”

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Japanese company invested in the Pantera Capital cryptofund


Japan’s leading marketing firm, Ceres, has invested in a hedge fund focusing on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies of Pantera Capital. Informed about it on its website while not disclosing the amount of investment.


Pantera Capital has been operating on the market since 2013. Its first fund received investments of $ 13 million and the second $ 25 million. A third venture fund called Pantera Venture Offshore Fund III LP was registered in August 2018. As part of its funds, Pantera invested in Ripple, Brave, Circle, Bitsdstamp as well as ICO tokens such as 0x, Protocol, Bucket and Polkadot. It focuses mainly on companies focused on blockchain technology, ICO tokens and related business. Details here.


New York Power Plant will extract BTC worth $ 50k per day


The new modern Greenidge Generation power plant has successfully installed a mining farm. The nearly 7,000-miner farm is powered by its own power generation and produces $ 50,000 in BTC per day.


Owing to very low costs, the owners claim to be in a very advantageous position on the market and believe that they will remain profitable even after halving the remuneration of the miners in May this year. Details here.

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