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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 08/03 | The FED printed the equivalent of 9.8 million BTC, Binance Research and more

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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 08/03 | The FED printed the equivalent of 9.8 million BTC, Binance Research and more


The Fed printed $ 89 billion in one day


The dollar has a problem. Big problem. In just one day, Fed sent an unbelievable $ 89 billion into circulation – the equivalent of half the total capitalization of Bitcoin, or 9.8 million BTC. This money was pumped into the economy through repo operations designed to supply banks with liquidity and prevent the financial system from crashing.


Unfortunately, repo operations have been going on for months and so far they have not managed to heal the system. More details.


Australian banks are harassing their clients


Banks in Australia forget that the money in their customers’ accounts does not belong to them, but it belongs to people who earned it by hard work. Crypto-reporter and analyst Alex Saunders on his Twitter reported that more and more Australians are complaining to him about invasive questions from banks. They require their customers to explain in detail how they plan to use their resources. It is becoming increasingly difficult to withdraw money from an Australian bank.



Brian Armstrong about the cryptocurrency journey from 50 million to 5 billion people


Billionaire Brian Armstrong has pondered in a series of “tweets” how cryptocurrencies will move from the current base of 50 million users to 5 billion people. He compared the current position of cryptocurrencies to the early days of the Internet, and also to Netscape, the Internet marketplace of the music industry.


Founder of Coinbase, the most successful and well-known US cryptocurrency exchange, admitted he does not yet know which of the blockchains will contribute most to the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world. “A chain (cryptocurrency / blockchain) that can deliver scalability, privacy, decentralized identity and developer tools will have a big advantage,” More details.


According to Binance Research, the Altcoin season may soon come


Binance Research, which focuses on monitoring activities in various blockchians and analyzing Binance data, has published a report that suggests according to which everything points to the impending revival of the altcoin market.


The first sign of increased traders’ interest in altcoins is a month-on-month decline in bitcoin dominance, which fell from 40% to 27% in February. “If this trend continues, it would mean people are more interested in and interested in altcoins,” the study said. More details.

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