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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 12/03 | Another 60 million USDT coins were added to the market, Pornhub integrates cryptopay via PumaPay

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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 12/03 | Another 60 million USDT coins were added to the market, Pornhub integrates cryptopay via PumaPay


New crypto currency for privacy – DAPS


The DAPS project, which stands for decentralized anonymous payment system, has developed a breakthrough technology. They managed to create and program a new cryptocurrency that could solve all the problems of other privacy altcoins.


A new coin is hoping to provide stiff competition to rivals such as Monero and Zcash by delivering “the first fully private hybrid chain with staking.” A trustless setup occurs when a user can create a wallet or node without any exchange of information with another user or node. Some privacy coins require you to “trust” the setup information given to you — and trust that the giver of that information is not a bad actor. With DAPS, the setup requires no exchange of any information in order to get up and running, the team notes. More details.


Another 60 million USDT coins were added to the market


Tether responds to the current BTC plunge by printing an additional 60 million new tokens. Is it a coincidence that new coins are printed on stablecoin Tether every time they move? This problem has been solved in the past and it is quite likely that the cryptocurrency market can indeed be manipulated through Tether. Allert’s Twitter account has also informed the creation of the new USDT coins.


Dovey Wan, co-founder of Primitive Crypto and commenter on general crypto-related issues, saw the latest intervention as “printing money out of thin air.”


The newly printed USDT was also noted leaving the Tether treasury wallet, and entering the crypto ecosystem.


More details.


Pornhub integrates cryptopay via PumaPay

PumaPay’s new crypto payment solution went live on Pornhub this week — more than 18 months after the partnership was first announced. After an extensive development process, the company believes its more user friendly solution will overcome the barriers to adoption that has seen PornHub’s existing crypto options, including Verge and Tether, barely used.


Thus, 100 million pornhub visitors can conveniently and safely pay anonymously using cryptocurrencies. “Pornhub’s 100 million daily visitors want choice and security when it comes to payments. With an uptick in crypto adoption, adding PumaPay to the list of crypto currencies Pornhub accepts allows us to better cater to the millions of crypto holders around the world.” said Pornhub VP, Corey Price. More deatils.


Interest in “Bitcoin halving” declines besides falling prices. Is it a bad signal?


We have informed you several times about the positive phenomenon of searching for the combination of “Bitcoin halving” in Google search. However, it seems that interest in this topic is closely linked to the Bitcoin prize. 61 days before the May halving we can say that since the end of February, when we noticed its decline, the trend of seeking information about halving began to decline. More details.

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