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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 13/03 |Bitcoin can climb to $ 20,000, Brave, Cryptopia exchange

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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 13/03 |Bitcoin can climb to $ 20,000, Brave, Cryptopia exchange


Cryptopia traderss may not get back cryptocurrencies


Grant Thornton was appointed as the chief liquidator of the extinct Cryptopia Stock Exchange. He seems to have been given a real demanding task, namely to return affected users their money. At first glance, everything looks simple. But…


After reviewing the current amount of cryptocurrencies found on the wallets of the extinct stock exchange, he found inconvenience. There are not as many cryptocurrencies as Cryptopia indicates it has. Therefore, some users may not get their stolen money back. More details.


Brave has made the largest acquisition of BAT tokens so far


Just a day before Brave Software announced a partnership with the TAP Network, Brave representatives informed that they had completed the largest acquisition of BAT tokens in the browser’s history to date.


It was almost 1,900,000 BAT tokens, will be use to pay out users who agree to show ads in this decentralized browser. The system works in such a way that the user receives 70% of its revenue in the form of BAT crypto currency from each displayed ad. Brave purchased BAT tokens for the money he received from advertisers. They usually pay for advertising in fiat currencies. More details.


Bitcoin can climb to $ 20,000 – says BitMEX chief


In the latest edition of the exchange’s Crypto Digest on March 12, Arthur Hayes joined other trading sources warning that Bitcoin was not safe from current market turmoil. In the short term, Hayes thinks that BTC/USD is headed to a maximum floor of $6,000 as coronavirus panic takes its toll on sentiment.


The situation will be compounded by hedge funds selling coins into an already downward-facing market due to distress calls from traders.Hayes still believes in the cryptocurrency’s status as a safe-haven asset and added that $20,000 is a possible target for a bounce before the end of 2020. 


more details


Bitcoin fell on this year’s LOW


Bitcoin has fallen to the lowest this year’s price in the last hours. The reason for the price fall is, according to all indications, a reaction to the new wave of coronavirus-related panic, to which traditional markets have responded significantly.


Shortly from the Cryptoworld 13/03 |Bitcoin can climb to $ 20,000, Brave, Cryptopia exchange

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