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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 14/02 | Barcelona FC new token | IOTA in troubles and more

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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 14/02 | Barcelona FC new token | IOTA in troubles and more

The Barcelona football club has partnered with Chiliz – They plan to release their own token


The Spanish football club FC Barcelona teamed up with the fintech platform Chiliz to work together to create a new project for fans of the club. In partnership with FC Barcelona Chiliz created a Barca Fan Token for use in its social mobile app called Socios. The token works on the Chiliz blockchain, which is based on Ethereum.

As technology progresses, there is a need for new methods to engage fans in the action. Especially when it comes to FC Barcelona, ​​which is the fourth most valuable sports team in the world. After receiving a token (as a reward for participating in Socio), fans can spend the token on products and events associated with this football club.


The B2C2 loan and liquidity provider has announced cooperation with the crypto company SFOX


The UK’s B2C2 loan and liquidity provider has begun working with SFOX, a leading US crypto company serving institutional investors. This partnership is concluded to give SFOX clients access to high liquidity on the B2C2 platform and cost-effective OTC markets.

B2C2 is the first trading OTC platform to be added to the SFOX platform. Management of both platforms believes that cryptocurrency OTC markets have gained a large market share from traditional exchanges over the past three years and have a great future ahead.


In China, there are the most digital currency users in the world – paying with it more than Apple Pay


China leads in terms of digital payments to average consumers in the country. For comparison, in the United States, for example, payments via Apple Pay are still received much more often than digital technology. Similarly, Japan, where users prefer other alternatives, is similar.

Despite the Chinese government’s stance on cryptocurrencies, the country has also shown interest in blockchain technology and the development of the central bank’s digital currencies. It is becoming clear that China is pursuing its own objectives, which it plans to achieve through additional regulation. In short, it wants to be number one in the field of digital currencies, because they cannot afford to anyone disrupts their economy.


Ripple is available to 2 million new users through partnership


Ripple and BRD announced their newly formed partnership with wallet BRD, which is potentially huge for Ripple (XRP) with more than 2 million downloads in more than 170 countries worldwide.

BRD enables users to buy XRPs directly from their wallets and offers many times cheaper rates than alternatives to obtaining this token.


IOTA in troubles


IOTA reported a coordinated attack involving theft of an unannounced amount of funds. Meanwhile, there is speculation about a few people who claimed to have lost funds, it is not known if this is true, so IOTA suspended the confirmations of transactions (Coordinator). IOTA recommends users not to open Trinity until they report that everything is OK.



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