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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 19/02 | Decentralized bZx platform has been hacked | Blockchain’s The Sandbox breaks sales records and more

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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 19/02 | Decentralized bZx platform has been hacked | Blockchain's The Sandbox breaks sales records and more

Decentralized bZx credit protocol has been hacked twice in recent days – Is it safe?


The decentralized Bzx credit protocol has been hit by two successful hacker attacks over the past few days. This led to losses totaling around $ 954,000. The first attack took place on February 14, when $ 318,000 disappeared. The second attack took place on 18 February and there were far more losses of $ 636,000.


In the first hack, the attacker used multiple DeFi protocols to lend and exchange a significant amount of Ethereum and the so-called “wrapped” Bitcoin, the token on the Ethereum blockchain that follows the Bitcoin price. This allowed him to manipulate prices and profit from decentralized trade.


The type of second attack is still largely unclear. However, a CVO report suggests that it was an Oracle attack. Oracle are typically centralized components that provide external data to applications. The company’s CEO said his team is now able to neutralize the hack and prevent the loss of user resources in attacks that would be led by the first or second variant.


Now you can buy cryptocurrencies even easier in the UK – all you need is a credit card in Celsius app


Cryptocurrency companies around the world continue to integrate fast cryptocurrency purchasing into their applications in an effort to make it easier for customers to enter the cryptocurrency world. In response, the Celsius Network startup launched in-app purchases through a new partnership with Simplex.


Simplex, a popular provider of “fiat to crypto” payments, now unlocks direct purchases of cryptocurrencies for Celsius users. Clients will now be able to purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum through credit or debit cards. Specifically, they are major credit card issuers including Visa and Mastercard.


China’s Fcoin stock market crashes, owing people up to $ 125 million


Zhang Jian, the founder of Fcoin’s Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, admitted that after his shutdown he may not be able to pay the 7,000 to 13,000 BTCs he owes to his customers. In terms of dollars, this is between $ 67 million and $ 125 million.


At the same time, he was unable to explain why the firm came into this situation: “It’s a problem that is too complicated to be explained in a single sentence,” However, Zhang denied that it was hacked and also eliminated the possibility of fraud by employees. However, the evidence allegedly points to this second possibility.


The Sandbox, the ETH blockchain game breaks records – Earned $ 200,000 in just a few hours


Games have been enjoyed by all generations for several years. It is therefore no wonder that they have found their place in the world of cryptocurrencies. One of the popular games is The Sandbox. Blockchain game The Sandbox is an old school game, but for a new generation of users. The game is of enormous interest among the users and thanks to that the company earned the most money from all the previous blockchain games.


The first sale of TSB was in December 2019, when more than 3,000 LAND units were sold in 4 hours. LAND is a virtual space in the game. Initially, Sandbox announced the second round of sales and made available 6 192 units, it earned 800 ETH to company, or approximately $ 206,000. The game has a total of 166 464 pieces LAND, which means that about 5% of the total available space has already been sold.


Games are a way to get cryptocurrencies among people and to achieve global acceptance. In addition to Ethereum, Tron is also very active in this category, which is also very popular in the gaming and gambling industry.



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