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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 19/03 | Akoin, Craig Wright

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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 19/03 | Akoin, Craig Wright

A quick overview of the most important events in crypto world.


Blockchain can save the pharma industry € 180 million per year


According to a study published by UCLA health and LedgerDomain, blockchain technology could save the US pharmaceutical industry more than € 180 million annually. The study began as part of a US Food and Drug Administration pilot project on the Drug Safety Act in the supply chain.


Under the law passed in 2013, pharmacists will be required by 2023 to be able to verify the authenticity of a drug before it is delivered to the customer. However, this is very problematic. This is where blockchain should help. “It will be necessary in three years. Without a system that can scan in real time and almost instantly verify, pharmacies will carry a huge regulatory burden, ”said the study. “But with blockchain technology, they would be able to track the drug supply chain. ”


Akoin cryptocurrency has gained an important partner


Akoin, a new cryptocurrency that is designed and supported by renowned singer Akon, has partnered with Blockchain Financial Infrastructure Company Delchain. This digital asset manager, based in the Bahamas, offers the singer a helping year in developing a new project. Together, they plan to release the Akoin cryptocurrency during the second quarter of this year. More details.


Craig Wright Must Only Pay 20% of Kleiman’s Attorney Fees


Craig Wright’s hypocrisy is sometimes well beyond the carrying capacity. At first he pretends to be the true founder of Bitcoin, then he was a few times lied about owning 1 million BTC on his wallets. He is now proposing to deduct up to 80% of the court costs in the Kleiman case.


And United States Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart has ruled that the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, must pay only 20% of the legal fees requested by the estate of the late-Dave Kleiman. More details.


Great success of Bitfinex


LEO cryptocurrency, created and released by Bitfinex, is a great success after a year. For the first time in its history, according to capitalization, this altcoin has reached the top ten most successful cryptocurrencies. Recently similar performance was performed by altcoin ADA (Cardano). If we look at the LEO chart, we can see virtually long-term growth without much retracemeter. Even the fall in Bitcoin has no major effect on this coin.


Shortly from the Cryptoworld 19/03 | Akoin, Craig Wright

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