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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 26/02 | EOS has network problems , Warren Buffett still doesn’t trust cryptocurrencies and more

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Shortly from the Cryptoworld 26/02 | EOS has network problems , Warren Buffett still doesn't trust cryptocurrencies and more

The focus of the institutions is on stablecoins


Bank of England chief cashier Sarah John said she would like states or their central banks to start issuing their digital currencies, becoming a controlled alternative to stablecoins on which private companies work. “It is quite right for central banks to think about whether the public or private sector is better for securing digital currencies,” she said.


The topic of national cryptocurrencies is also addressed by the G-20, which was called upon to address the issue by the Chairman of the Financial Stability Board, Randal Quarles. He said in his letter to the G20 that the speed of digital payment innovation and the emerging new stablecoin sector required rapid response and new regulatory tools.


EOS has network problems, Coinbase suggests


Coinbase’s US currency exchange indicated that the blockchain EOS has some technical problems. Coinbase claims to have seen a decrease in performance with EOS, which is delaying sending and receiving transactions.


EOS Block Producer EOS Nation February 22 responded to this information, saying that the EOS network is extremely reliable despite the small microwave problems that led to 192 blocks being missed. Speculation about the EOS blockchain overload is not entirely new. Similar problems were discussed in October last year.


Warren Buffett still doesn’t trust cryptocurrencies


It seems that Warren Buffett’s meetings with several of the leading crypto industry leaders, including Justin Sun of Tron or Charile Lee of Litecoin, have not changed his mind about cryptocurrencies. The fourth richest person of the world said in an interview with CNN that he still considers cryptocurrencies worthless: “I don’t own any cryptocurrencies and I will never be. There is nothing you can do about them except selling them to someone else …” Buffett also pointed out their illegal use: “Bitcoin has become used to moving around a fair amount of money illegally.”


The second largest stock exchange in Germany lists bitcoin ETP

The second largest stock exchange in the country, Deutsche Börse, today announced a new option for investors. ETPs, or Exchange Traded Products, are issued by 21Shares crypto currency fund manager, formerly known as Amun. Bitcoin ETP will thus offer investors a return whenever the price of the BTC falls.



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