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Shortly ftom the Cryptoworld

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Shortly ftom the Cryptoworld


Bitcoin Futures at CME surpassed $ 100 billion milestone

Chicago Mercantile Exchange, also known as CME, has announced that the total volume of Bitcoin futures products has exceeded the magic threshold of $ 100 billion. CME began offering Bitcoin Futures contracts a week later than the competing Chicago Board Option Exchange (CBOE). It was the first company to obtain regulatory approval for this investment product


Former UFC fighter called XRP a fraud

Former UFC fighter Ben Askren, known in the cryptocommunity for the promotion of Bitcoin and Litecoin and the litecoin Foundation was even its main sponsor during UFC 235, on Twitter said that XRP is a fraud. The accusation of the third most valuable cryptocurrency on the market comes at a point where there is intense speculation about whether XRP is a commodity or a security. Askren’s tweet has over 2100 likes on Twitter, but of course many critical reactions from XRP fans.


Bitcoin is no longer in focus, says former NFL player

Former American football player Joe Theismann thinks Bitcoin is no longer a “pike” in focus of investors as it was in the past. “I am not saying that it is not possible for it to start to grow more strongly again, but I think it has already started to stagnate to some extent,” he suggested. Thiesmann spoke about his investments in an interview with Bloomberg’s financial magazine. He admitted he has up to 5 financial advisors. “To persuade people to buy things for cryptocurrencies will be a huge challenge,” he said, also commenting on the attitudes of governments and banks to digital currencies. “Would governments want anything other than the currencies that control central banks?” He asked a rhetorical question.


Hardware wallets Trezor can be hacked – unveiled Kraken

Kraken Security Labs today revealed that hardware wallets can be hacked. The trick allows attackers to read critical wallet parameters, including private keys. The error is caused by the Trezor hardware.

Kraken and Trezor recommended hardware wallet owners not to allow anyone physical access to the wallet. You can find the full statement on the official Trezor blog here.


Bitcoin Cash did not take the new block 5 hours.

With cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash no new block was extracted yesterday for long 5 hours, but due to the low use of his blockchain, the backlog of transactions was subsequently cleared without any problems and normal traffic could continue without complications.


BRAVE: The popular decentralized browser Brave has won the Golden Kitty poll in the 2019 privacy products and applications category.

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