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SkyWeaver – Horizon card game based on Ethereum

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SkyWeaver - Horizon card game based on Ethereum

Horizon Blockchain Games raised $ 5 million capital for its new SkyWeaver game. This information only underlines the fact that digital business card and online games have the ability to attract a number of investors.




Horizon Blockchain Games raised $5 million in capital for their game SkyWeaver. The principal investors included Initialized Capital, with additional funds from Regah Ventures, ConsenSys, Digital Currency Group, Polychain Capital, Golden Ventures, and CMT Digital. This investment is an extension of a 2019 seed funding round, in which Horizon raised $3.75 million.




SkyWeaver is a “free-to-play trading card game that unifies the best aspects of digital and physical collectible card games” built on top of the Ethereum blockchain network.  SkyWeaver players fight against each other with cards they earned by buying or trading. There are currently around 500 different cards and each card has two different variants: silver and gold.


SkyWeaver - Horizon card game based on Ethereum


Each card can be purchased in its basic “silver” form for $ 2. On the other hand, gold variants of cards that differ solely in appearance and not in ability or usefulness can only be obtained by dueling or purchased from other players on the open market. While silver cards will retain their value of $ 2, for gold cards this value will vary considerably according to the rarity of the card or the demand for it.


SkyWeaver - Horizon card game based on Ethereum


Online games


If a player gets an object or item in a game, who owns it? The player or company that created the game?


In most cases the answer to the question is closer to variant number two. While the item is in the player’s digital inventory, the company can remove it at any time or even prevent the player from selling or distributing it.


Horizon Blockchain Games


And Horizon is just trying to take this idea of ​​ownership in its games to another, higher level. In doing so, he works simultaneously on two ways. The first is the creation of the Arcadeum platform, which is based on Ethereum technology.


The other way is to build your own game – a digital business game under the name SkyWeaver.


Blockchain games


Blockchain gaming hasn’t quite gone mainstream yet, due to many users needing to be familiar with and having their own crypto wallets. However, Kieltyka tries to allay these concerns by providing an alternative to using their own wallets.


“Even with no prior knowledge of blockchain, each and every player will be able to store, manage and trade their virtual items with a user-friendly wallet that we provide. Or, for those more familiar with blockchain, they’re welcome to use any other Ethereum wallet.”


SkyWeaver has been in a private beta since July last year, where players are undergoing rigorous testing. As Peter Kieltyka says, the game currently has around 12,000 users and another 92,000 are on the waiting list.


Horizon Blockchain Games also announced that SkyWeaver should be released to the public beta later this year.




All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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