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$ SLP and Axie Infinity at an all-time high

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The world that revolves around Axie Infinity never ceases to amaze, even when it comes to collateral tokens like Small Love Potion – ticker $ SLP – which today is among the tokens to grow the most on the whole market.

Big wave of purchases – which allows a $ SLP to store, albeit with a little delay, the same gain as the ride of $ AXS, which still remains the main token of the network, token that today got a all-time high.

Small Love Potion boosts and follows $ AXS

Yesterday started in the best way, with Axie Infinity which hit its new all-time high in the second half of the morning – a sign that there is still enormous room for growth for projects incorporating NFT and world of play to earn.

To play in favor of the ecosystem, however, there was the presentation, on a stable and official basis, of Katana, or the decentralized dex which will allow you to trade – always under the management of Axie Infinity$ SLP And $ AXS against $ WETH And USDC. All players can therefore exchange asset that are necessary for the game without ever leaving the ecosystem.

An arrival that made the shopping from $ SLP, also thanks to the possibility of obtaining rewards of the staking, with launch pools for $ RON they offer reward very high for those who make their tokens available. A perfect combination, at an already very favorable time for the compartment – who is experiencing a bull run which, despite having already reached a local peak, could experience further moments of grace.

$ RON – the new token that animates the Mutual

For the occasion, it becomes part of the ecosystem of Axie Infinity also $ RON – which will be used as governance token, just like in the case of $ UNI And Uniswap.

A significant part, 10%, of the $ RON will be reserved for liquidity providers on the pairs $ SLP / ETH And $ AXS / ETH – another reason that prompted the purchases of this cryptocurrency – leading for both to new historical highs – except for the period in which the protocol was still very little frequented and therefore with highly volatile prices.

More news for Axie – which may never stop

The developers of Axie they certainly cannot be accused of staying with hands in hand and pick up on a game that is already hugely successful. The latest innovation, technologically advanced and above all much appreciated by players, is yet another proof of this.

Despite the record prices, it may not be too late to start investing in this ecosystem, perhaps starting from the most affordable $ SLP – which will remain anyway crucial within the ecosystem – because it is necessary to reproduce their little monsters, which have an equally interesting market value.

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