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Snowden: The Chinese ban has made BTC even stronger

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Popular informant Edward Snowden has joined people who believe that China’s ban on BTC will ultimately benefit the main cryptocurrency.

Snowden believes that China has unknowingly helped BTC

The Chinese ban is good for BTC, says Snowden. Although the world’s most populous country has been opposed to the cryptocurrency industry for almost a decade, the country has managed to take its hostility one step further this year. In May, it reiterated its ban, but also intensified it by expelling the miners. IN September, the Chinese central bank and government confirmed and the ban was extended to include criminal sanctions by a number of Chinese authorities.

Edward Snowden, perhaps the most famous informant of our generation, considered the matter. He later suggested that this Chinese ban “He just made BTC stronger.” After one of a number of Chinese bans, it supports cryptocurrencies, but it is also worth mentioning that in 2020 he wrote:

“This is the first time in a while that I have the desire to buy Bitcoin. The slump had too much panic and too little reason.”

Snowden now states:

“Sometimes I remember that and I wonder how many people bought BTC then. It has grown about 10 times, despite a coordinated global campaign by governments to undermine public understanding and support. China even banned it, but BTC only strengthened it. “

Who is Edward Snowden

He was born in 1983 and in 2003 he joined the army, where he broke both legs. He worked for the NSA and the CIA and met with what democracy looks like in practice. He exposed the massive crime of the American government against its own people to the public, and this government decided to destroy it in return. It’s like a story from a movie and yes, the movie was shot (Citizenfour).

Simply put, he talked about spying on people by the US government. Instead of officials testifying that they had been secretly spying on people, there was severe punishment for the person who informed the population about the US government’s practices. Snowden is thus a political refugee from the USA and a person proving the sad fact that freedom is far from only threatened in China.


Edward Snowden is a fan of BTC, although he says he should better protect his privacy. As for the ban on BTC in China, he may have said, somewhat surprisingly, that the country’s main cryptocurrency actually helped. In the case of mining, for example, there was a more even distribution of the BTC hashrate.

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