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Solana is arousing interest again – will the price go up to $ 250?

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Solana network
Solana network. Source: Shutterstock, Natchapol18

Solana wakes up. After being one of the fastest growing DeFi projects a few weeks ago, there was a significant drop. However, it seems to be back. The positive mood of investors is also reflected in the price of the SOL token.

Solana is growing again

During the week, the token price SOL has grown significantly and, in addition, liquidity stored on its DeFi protocols has grown significantly. This is most likely due to the altcoins gaining strength again.

Interesting information was provided by the portal Defi Llama, according to which the total liquidity in the Solana network has reached new levels ATH $ 12.7 billion.

TVL Solana

TVL Solana. Source: DeFI Llama

It also has a significant share in the huge increase Marinade Finance. It is a protocol that works in the Solana network. The huge interest in this protocol ensured a 69% increase in total liquidity in less than a week. Marinade Finance thus belongs to the TOP 4 projects with the greatest liquidity. The remaining projects are SUNNY, Radium and Saber.

The SOL token is currently at a price level 202 USD. Most analysts are in a positive mood about this project. If the boom doesn’t end, we may look at the price 250 USD.

We will therefore follow this project. If the mood in the market does not change, most altcoins led by Solana will grow.

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