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Solana launches mobile focused on Web 3.0 ‘Saga’

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Web 3.0 is indeed in the spotlight of both the traditional market and the crypto market. The Solana network (SOL), for example, announced a new mobile device with a design focused on the so-called Web3.

Web3 refers to the “future” of the internet, which, in fact, is already under development. Its focus is on decentralization – enabled by blockchain technology – and user-developed content. The idea is that people can use the internet without giving up their data.

And that’s precisely what Solana’s idea was with her “Saga” cell phone.

Solana launches Saga

According to the announcement released by Solana Labs, the device will have the Android operating system. In addition, it will be a modified device with special cryptocurrency wallet functions and a software development kit called “Solana Mobile Stack (SMS)”.

The phone will also provide access to a mobile decentralized application (dApp) store. In it, users will be able to download decentralized trading platforms and NFT markets.

The team announced the new device last Thursday (23) during an event in New York. As reported by Solana, the cell phone will cost around US$ 1,000. That is, approximately R$5,240 at the current exchange rate in reais.

Solana Labs CEO Anatoly Yakovenko stated that the device will be available on the market from 2023. The Saga phone will have a 6.6-inch screen, 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM.

FTX CEO supports Saga

Also attending the event as a supporter of Solana in the initiative was Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

In his speech, he highlighted that everything is becoming mobile. After all, in most countries, most access is via cell phones.

However, for him, the mobile crypto market is lagging behind, with access to dApp via mobile devices not very easy.

“The best solution to this is to have the real wallet built into your phone,” he said.

Solana’s investment in dApps

Solana Labs also said it will work with other companies to build the phone, including, for example, the Magic Eden NFT market; wallet provider Phantom; and the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Orca.

In addition, the Solana Foundation has pledged $10 million to encourage the development of mobile applications on its device.

“We live our lives on our mobile devices – with the exception of Web3, because there hasn’t been a mobile-centric approach to managing private keys,” Yakovenko said. “The Solana Mobile Stack shows a new path for Solana that is open source, secure, optimized for Web3 and easy to use.”

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