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Solana reports record NFT token sales for more than $ 2 million!

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Project Solana
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Solana is a project that is clearly one of the biggest surprises of recent months. With the growing popularity of the NFT, Solana – one of Ethereum’s main competitors – is also gradually growing.

Solana with record NFT sales

Solana Monkey is the first NFT token in the Solana network to sell for more than $ 2 million. This is an absolute record. This token is part of the popular “Solana Money Business” collection. The collection contains a total of 5,000 unique and randomly generated tokens. It is currently by far the most valuable project in Solana. The average price is at 422 SOL, which represents a value of 74,272 USD.

Solana Monkey Business Collection

This fact is proof that within NFT tokens simply Solana must be taken into account. The first sale of the NFT token on this blockchain took place only recently in September.

Competition for ETH

A clear fact of the SOL project is the ever-expanding portfolio of projects built on this blockchain. It is currently more than 400 projects. It is increasingly being talked about as the fastest blockchain in the world.

As in the case of ETH, Solana has the support of advanced functions that ensure the creation and subsequent trading of NFT and DeFi. However, it has one major advantage over ETH, and that is low transaction fees.

As part of the ongoing boom around the NFT, it will be very interesting to follow the development of this project.

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