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Solana scores new RECORD – That’s why it goes up …

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New one an all-time high for Solana – cryptocurrency that we can be proud of having started analyzing when it was worth less than 1/50 of today and which is confirmed to be the only one to be able to seriously worry the stradominio of ETH, at least in the sector of altcoin.

Quote $ 230, well beyond the rosiest forecasts, which has already been punctured, with the possibility, if it were to continue positive trend of the whole sector altcoin, to reach even further goals.

Given the intrinsic strength of this project, which is still in its infancy, there is still room to accumulate.

Solana: it’s a new record – but the path with ETH is parallel

Solana has been considered possible for months now ETH Killer, or the project which could undermine the domain within the world of decentralized finance and gods NFT, for now firmly in the hands of the ecosystem of ETH.

A rivalry created by the two community – which, however, is more a phenomenon of custom than anything else. On the other hand, it would be enough to look at the price changes in the last few hours to realize how in reality there is very little to fear for $ ETH. The path was almost parallel, a sign that the correlation it is still high – and that there is room in the compartment DeFi, for both projects.

With the second, Solana, which actually might have some sort of technological advantage. While ETH is performing major efforts for the passage to PoS – which may be less linear than non-experts imagine, Solana already has a Proof of History integrated which could be even more efficient and modern. However, the history of technology teaches us the benchmark positive is not always a vehicle for greater adoption. And it will also be the hype – that a $ SOL it does not fail – to determine the destinies for a significant part.

After the correction the flight: never despair in the destinies of such strong protocols

Solana it had also been one of the cryptocurrencies to correct more prominently in recent weeks, returning below quota $ 150 – that as we had indicated on these pages it would have been an important basis for purchases, in conjunction with a huge technical problem that forced the network to restart.

THE fundamental to look at when we are faced with projects of this depth are others – and they do not take into account some technical problems that in such an embryonic phase for the project are more than natural.

  • Solana is already part of the Grayscale funds

A series of funds which are the King Midas of the world of cryptocurrencies. Hardly a cryptocurrency included in these funds then proved to be poor. The same happened to Loopring – which has had a staggering growth but with a certain delay on the quotation.

  • And also of Payoneer and Skrill

Digital payment systems who are very selective about cryptocurrencies from to include in the price list, among those that in other words can be used through their channels.

With a situation basic like this, think that $ SOL can stop at these price levels, for the medium and long term, is madness that could be paid dearly. Even if the price of these hours it could appear as uninviting, it could actually turn into support for future growth.

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