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South Korean politician accepts cryptocurrency for election campaign

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South Korean politician Lee Jae Myung, who has officially become a Democratic presidential candidate, accepts BTC, ETH and three other crusaders who have not yet been elected by the election commission for their election campaign.

The presidential candidate in South Korea is accepting cryptocurrencies for the campaign

Lee Jae Myung’s supporters, who know the cryptocurrencies, will be able to contribute to the campaign this month. It is stated that all donated crypto will be transferred trough the local exchange.

As a reward for the transferred funds, participants will receive a special non-fungible token. The NFT will display a photograph of the candidate along with his promise.

The innovation made the former governor of Guungi province the first presidential candidate to run his own NFT. The promotion of cryptocurrencies reflects Lee’s desire to reach young voters. According to a November survey, 40.5% of respondents aged 20 and 40 said they had invested in cryptocurrencies.

He said last month that he wanted South Korea to lead the adoption of cryptocurrencies, describing digital assets as an “indisputable reality.” Lee also supported postponing discussions on crumpled taxation until next year, while promising to increase levies on levies.

A recent election poll released on January 1 shows Lee is 4.6% ahead of the Conservative People’s Party candidate, Yun Seok Yeol.

Presidential elections are scheduled for March 9, 2022.

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