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Splinterlands Unveils New AirDrop from Chaos Legion Cards

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With nearly 1.5 million packs sold, Chaos Legion has become the most popular NFT in Splinterlands.

After revealing and releasing the first card airdrop, the Splinterlands development team now shows us the next two cards that will be released once the public sale starts in January.

Splinterlands game continues with the tradition of rewarding NFT purchases with special cards. To qualify to receive the new Chaos Legion guys, players need to purchase NFT packs before the official sales opening.

each non-Legion NFT pack has a 0.33% chance of getting an AirDrop card. This time, no package will have guaranteed gold rewards.

Card AirDrop is cumulative. This means that the more a player buys, the more AirDrop they will receive. There will be 14 in all, starting after the first million packs sold.

The two cards for this next AirDrop will be Legendary. One for the Water Splinter called Baakjira. Starting with 11 Life skills and Void and Slow, Baakjira works like a tank for just about any occasion! At level 3, he can even heal himself!

The second card is to Light. Uriel the Purifier also functions as a defense tank. With 4 basic attacks and the new Reload ability, Uriel only attacks every two turns, but has the potential to deal 12 damage at once!

Where to buy?

You can buy Chaos Legions packs at Splinterlands Official Marketplace. They cost $4 each, payable with In-Game Credits only.

You can buy Credits with Paypal or any of over a dozen cryptocurrencies. There is a small fee for purchases. To buy Chaos Legion packs now, you also need VOUCHERS. One per package.

Launched daily for anyone betting SPS, the Splinterlands governance token, VOUCHERS is a new rewards system, implemented in the month before the launch of Legion Chaos. If you wait until the public sale opens, which should be about a month, you won’t need VOUCHERS. But you will miss the chance to receive this particular airdrop.

If you don’t have Vouchers and you can’t earn them, they’re for sale on the Hive Marketplace. Current prices are around $3.30 each. Although not too long ago, VOUCHERS were selling for well over $20! You will definitely want to factor in this extra cost when deciding whether to buy packages now.

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