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Square Enix opens up to NFT and blockchain

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Square Enix is one of the most important and well-known video game houses in history, a house that has been, among other things, creator of series of enormous success such as Final Fantasy. The Japanese group has declared, during its last semester, that it wants to increase its exposure to the world of blockchain.

A partly predictable situation, after the large production house has already published a series of NFT – in support of a card game currently only available in Japan, which is gone Sold Out in a very short time

Blockchain and NFT: what does Square Enix have in mind?

Square Enix it has always been one of the most receptive video game houses of the novelties that would have allowed the market to grow. It is no coincidence that she was among the first to get on the train MMORPG, once the road was paved by companies like Blizzard through World of Warcraft.

Now it’s the turn of the NFT, with many companies of equal thickness, such as Ubisoft, which have already taken action but have not yet arrived at large articulated and commercial projects. Square therefore he would be trying to outdo the competition, announcing already now, on the occasion of the half-yearly report with the data up to September 30, 2021 – the ability to create games that are based as much on blockchain how much about non-fungible tokens. All already tested during a pilot of a card game – similar to what we have seen in several chapters of the saga of Final Fantasy – based precisely on non-fungible tokens which has literally been snapped up in Japan.

Items on NFT, but not only – are the marketplaces coming?

Several games in metaverse, that is the old ones MMORPG – have long been equipped with a internal market for ITEMs, which could be a further opportunity for monetization for the houses that manage this type of games. Opportunities that would emerge multiplied in the case of switching to tokens NFT, with the item that would be exportable and exchangeable even outside the game, opening up to monetization possibilities that are impossible today.

The opening to this kind of world by Square Enix – and the world of Final Fantasy but not only that – it could give the necessary push for the blockchain ecosystem to enter one of the most profitable and innovative worlds of the modern era. With good prospects also for ETH, which at least for now seems to be there chain reference of the Japanese house.

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