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Star Trek series star William Shatner said on Craig Wright – “He is Not Satoshi!”

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Star Trek series star William Shatner said on Craig Wright - "He is Not Satoshi!"

William Shatner, who became famous for his role as Captain James T. Kirk, commander of the USS Enterprise from the Star Trek series, unflatteredly addressed Wright.


Star from the Star Trek series drawn into the debate about self-proclaimed Satoshi


Shatner faces the anger of BSV fans (BCHSV) who are angry with him for rejecting Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto and BSV as “true Bitcoin.”


Known primarily for his role as Captain Kirk of the Star Trek series, the star is also a longtime cryptoenthusiast. He now responds to Craig Wright’s claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.


Disputes began in response to Shatner’s tweet about the “Satoshi Roundtable event”. “Hopefully there was no false Satoshi,” came the discussion and angry BSV supporters found out that the Star Trek icon was definitely not a fan of their coin.



If he’s Satoshi, why can’t he prove that?


Shatner then in a series of tweets and answers doubts that Wright is Satoshi. He stated:


“Why can’t he prove it? From what I read, some mysterious courier was supposed to give out the keys (which is frankly a scene right from Back to the Future). If so, he should be able to prove it. “


Why doesn’t he do that, why don’t he use his keys to prove to everyone that he really is the Bitcoin creator, as he claims to be? The Star Trek actor used the same argument that many Bitcoin fans have refuted Wright’s selfishness for some time now.


Instead, Wright decided to release explanatory videos and intricate responses that merely conceal and prove nothing.


“… [Wright] He just wastes time in court and leaves the decision open to scrutiny over what has been submitted against what was not,” writes Shatner. “


The actor also responds to the claim that Wright is acting as a genius and that he has many times explained why he cannot prove his authorship. He simply said, “He says he is [Satoshi]. He says he has the keys, “so let him sign the transaction.



Wright questioned himself


In response to BSV supporters who blame him for behaving childishly, Shatner says that Craig Wright questioned himself. He stated:


“.. Stop whining about it. No matter what he wrote or explained, he certainly did not prove it. In fact, some of his evidence seems to cast even more doubt on his claim than he would simply shut up. ”




Although the BSV has been strengthening sharply lately, this has been happening despite the fact that Craig Wright has never before established that he is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto. BSV supporters may not realize that there is a relatively good chance that they themselves are victims of fraud by supporting Wright in his claims. Satoshi is unknown, so anyone can come and claim that he is the creator and self-proclaimed BTC creators can not be unequivocally refuted.

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