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Steve Aoki will perform in the Metaverse with NFT passports

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DJ and producer Steve Aoki joined the world of digital assets for good and announced his own products aimed at promoting fan engagement. The main initiative is A0K1VERSE which, as the name suggests, is a metaverse where Aoki will be performing.

According to the announcement, the project is “a new ecosystem that unites real-world experiences with web2 and web3, rewarding NFT collectors and creating new experiences for members.”

In other words, the idea is for A0K1VERSE to function as a “tokenized social club”. In practice, fans who want to see exclusive performances by the DJ will have to acquire passports in the form of NFTs.

In addition to the digital experience, token holders will also have access to physical opportunities. This includes in addition to free concert tickets for Aoki, early access to Aoki NFTs releases.

Additionally, fan club members will have access to friends and family projects, private events, metaverse experiences, free apparel and digital wearables, exclusive access to brand collaborations including physical toys and digital collectibles.


As the DJ revealed, the “main building blocks” of A0K1VERSE are the A0K1 Credits and Passport.

A0K1 credits are standard ERC-1155 NFTs with a total supply limit of 30,000. They will be awarded free of charge to Aoki’s existing NFT holders.

There will also be a pre-sale for owners of select NFT projects, including collectors of 3LAU, Adam Bomb Squad, Doodles, 0N1 Force, Invisible Friends, Deadfellaz, Time Pieces, Phantabear, Doge Pound and many more.

Meanwhile, the Passport is described as the “core functionality” of A0K1VERSE. The product was developed in partnership with the NFT Manifold platform.

According to a statement, “The Passport is a revolutionary NFT that dynamically evolves over time.”

The Passport

Users can upgrade their passports to increase reward levels. Consequently, this can give access to everything from pre-selling NFTs to personal encounters with Steve Aoki himself.

As passport holders engage with experiences on A0K1VERSE (watching shows, joining discord, etc), their passport is “dynamically updated”.

That is, the passport is stamped to show the user’s participation and achievements in A0KIVERSE.

“Since I started my first company, Dim Mak, in 1996, I’ve nurtured, grown, and embraced the concept of community,” Aoki said. “Now, as we look to the future of what our community wants, I believe utility needs to be diverse, engaging, and evolving with the culture.”

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