April 17, 2021


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Student Coin AMA Session With BeInCrypto

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Student Coin AMA Session With BeInCrypto

BeInCrypto held an AMA with Student Coin on our public Telegram channel on April 1.

StudentCoin prides itself as the first-of-its-kind platform that allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal, corporate, NFT, and DeFi tokens.

(This AMA has been edited for clarity)

BeInCrypto: Welcome to our BeInCrypto AMA! Today we welcome Piotr from Student Coin. Thanks to everyone for being here!

Before we get into Student Coin and how it differs from other projects released or releasing in this new generation of blockchain projects, how about you give me some history on your background in both crypto so we have a little bit of context?

Piotr:  Hello everyone! I’m Piotr, COO of Student Coin, it’s a pleasure to conduct an AMA here. I have been encouraged into the project since the very beginning and I’m constantly developing it. The idea was raised at Kozminski University during a meeting of our research club and after a few months of preparing and an incredibly positive start, we decided to go global with it.

1. BeInCrypto: Great, let’s get down to business then… Please explain to our community what is Student Coin and why it is needed in our current scenario!

Piotr: Student Coin aims to revolutionize the future of finance, and this future is definitely based on tokenization. Thanks to STC’s ecosystem everyone will be able to create a personalized token of any kind. Moreover, it will be immediately listed on the STC exchange, so any person in the world will be able to buy it in the open market. 

Nevertheless, to make it all possible we have prepared an educational panel to provide our cryptocurrency knowledge in a nutshell. Following up each section everyone can easily and what’s even more important, securely use blockchain technology.

2. BeInCrypto: Awesome! In fact, you need to count on a qualified team in order to smoothly coordinate the project. Could you please tell us a little bit more about the team who’s behind Student Coin?

Piotr: Student Coin team has greatly developed recently, we have connected students from all around the world to spread our idea. The development of all technical parts won’t be possible without an incredible software team who always come with the most innovative ideas. Respectful advisors are constantly in touch with all of us to support Student Coin with their experience.

3. BeInCrypto: That’s great! It’s easy to manage everything when you have such professionals taking care of all the tasks. However, there’s a motivation behind every single new plan so what motivated you all to create Student Coin?

Piotr: We have found a niche in the students’ community. We are the only project which aims to revolutionize the world with the help of students. Young people are addicted to new technologies, therefore, getting familiar with blockchain will be much easier for them than for their parents’ generation. 

Additionally, we strongly believe that tokenization is the future of finance, therefore, there will be an enormous demand for a wide scale tokenization platform.  

4. BeInCrypto: It sounds good! It’s really useful knowing the reasons that made you come up with this idea, it’s a brilliant one. Now we can learn more about some specific characteristics. So, when it comes to Student Coin’s strengths, what are the major features and advantages of the project? 

Piotr: Firstly, the STC Exchange will provide revolutionizing solutions for the whole cryptocurrency market. We aim to solve many of the current blockchain problems such as centralization of the most accessible centralized exchanges or high gas fees on the decentralized ones.

Secondly, the STC Terminal will offer the easiest creation process for all types of personalized tokens so far available in the cryptocurrency market. We strongly believe that DeFi is the future of Finance, which cannot exist without widespread tokenization for everyone.

 We have an incredible software development team who will come up with the most innovative solutions soon. Stay tuned!

5. BeInCrypto: Sure! It looks impressive. By the way Student Coin wants to fit a niche and solve several issues. So it’s time for us to know what opportunities did you recognize in the cryptocurrency ecosystem?  

Piotr: Blockchain technology will be a revolution of the internet scale, in the near future everyone will have personal tokens and the whole financial market will be based on tokenization. We are the beginning of financial revolution and the future of blockchain

6. BeInCrypto: That’s amazing the way Student Coin addresses these topics!  However, all the projects are supposed to deal with some problems now and then. What difficulties or challenges do you foresee for Student Coin in terms of strategy?

Piotr: Even right now, we are facing a huge demand from various companies which want to have  their tokens developed with our platform. So the difficulties might be meeting the expectations of all the demand for the tokens. 

Shortly after the end of our ICO you can expect some great announcement regarding further cooperation.

7. BeInCrypto: That’s great to know!. Switching gears, we could present STC token to our community. It looks like it counts on both educational and business parts. Can you tell us a little bit more about the token ecosystem and what benefits holders/stakers can expect from it? 

Piotr: Student Coin will facilitate transactions between all created personalised tokens and the whole cryptocurrency world. We can say that by holding STCs you are a partial owner of every coin created via the STC platform. What is more, by staking your Student Coins you will be able to take part in a cyclical payment from the STC exchange.

8. BeInCrypto: I bet our community is already excited to get some STC tokens at this moment! How can one purchase these tokens right now? What could you say about your ongoing sale? 

Piotr: The most recommended way of purchasing the tokens is via our launchpad: https://stc.design/?ref=Exwu52i34 

On the website you can find out all the details regarding the sale and beneficial affiliate program.

We are extremely pleased to have enjoyed such a success in spreading our idea. We are deeply grateful to our community and we promise that we will do our best to continue changing the world. 

9. BeInCrypto: Perfect! I suppose there is some more great upcoming news regarding your roadmap and plans for 2021. What will the roadmap for the near future bring to us? What about your Marketing Strategy?

Piotr: STC Exchange is coming right after the completion of ICO and STC Terminal is going to be revealed soon later. 

Our goal is to spread our idea as much as possible. Therefore, we are working on numerous listings right after the finish of Launchpad ICO. I can say that we aim to cooperate with 10 exchanges by the end of 2cd quarter and 15 by the end of the current year. The official announcement will be published soon. 

10. BeInCrypto: Wow, everything is clear now. Thank you for providing such info to us. We’re almost over here but we still have time for one more question: We all know that partnerships play a vital role in any project. What kind of partnerships do you already have and what’s your perspective for eventual new partnerships from now on? I mean, what will you be looking for?

Piotr: We are already partnered with the most influential research clubs in the world. It creates an opportunity for spreading our idea directly to our biggest community. Right now, expect exchanges, we are working on other partnerships with research clubs, universities, and numerous companies from different sectors. Official announcements will be published soon. 

BeInCrypto: Okay, everyone, it’s time for Piotr to answer some questions from our Telegram community. He will choose some of them right now. We will set a lock of 15-20 minutes for this task.

Student Coin is offering a pool with 200 USDT to be equally divided into the best AMA questions! These questions will be selected soon.

Community: How Do you plan to promote your project in different countries, wherein English is not spoken well? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Piotr: Without incredible support from our community the development of wouldn’t be possible. We have already connected hundreds of students all around the world to spread the idea of STC in the most efficient way. If you are interested in becoming our ambassador please feel free to contact us via Telegram or Linked-in!

Community: Further visions are important in the attentiveness of the project, so what are the milestones and objectives you would aim to execute this year.

Piotr: Our current goal concerns getting listed on various exchanges from every part of the world. Moreover, the MVP of STC Exchange will be ready shortly after the end of the ICO. 

Community: I have read about this project, it sounds very interesting. However, I would like to know what great achievements that this project has already achieved. Also, what is your motivation to overcome difficulties?

Piotr: We are incredibly grateful for your support during the ICO. We fairly believe it’s our biggest achievement right now. Around 100.000 users have trusted us so far, so it makes us highly motivated all the time. 

Community: I’m a university student, I know that most students don’t know anything about crypto space, so what the Student Coin do to make them aware about crypto? And can I do for Student Coin success?

Piotr: This is the reason why we have created an educational section and voting panel to present the basic utilities of blockchain technology for every newbie. 

The section is being constantly updated by different people from various parts of the world, which enables the readers to present worldwide trends.

Community: What problems in your project are you trying to solve to make it easier for us Crypto users? Let us know how evolving the roadmap is right now. What do you see will happen this year and in the future?

Piotr: Making the tokenization open for literally everyone. It is strictly connected with STC Terminal which will allow for creating any kind of token in a very simple way. We expect to deliver it by the end of the current year.

Community: During coronavirus pandemic affecting more and more students, and being a student myself I can say that you have succeeded in timing this project very well. But could you tell us, does this #AMAStudentCoin only concentrate on pre-existing students. How does this concern alumnae and other enthusiasts that are not students?

Piotr: Student Coins is open to everyone. We have conducted some airdrops for various students and alumni as well. Right now we are not planning any other airdrops, nevertheless, everyone is able to purchase STC and join our community!

Community: How is the development phase of #AMAStudentCoin at the moment, what do you see upcoming over the next few weeks?

Piotr: We are working extremely hard to meet the expectations of our investors. STC Wallet is almost ready and will be published very soon. More information will be published via official announcements. Stay tuned!

Community: What are your plans on attracting investors in STC, as some investors concentrate more on short-term prices rather than long-term? 

Piotr: We have prepared huge announcements which will be published at the end of the ICO. We fairly believe that our achievements will persuade even more investors to us as well.

Community: Hi, thanks for this opportunity; since a hard cap was raised, why do the fees continue now?

Piotr: We have met with incredibly high demand during the Launchpad ICO, therefore, we decided to give an opportunity to buy STC to more people. It also ensures that the development of Student Coin will go much further and faster.

Community: Me being a part of a university, I would like to hear how I could reach my university and thus be part of the STC ecosystem. How should I contact you?

Piotr: Feel free to contact me directly via Linked-In. Anyone who wants to create a personalized token for a research club, university, start-up, or business will be able to do it! 

BeInCrypto: Thank you so much, Piotr. We’ve really learned a lot with you today!

Piotr: Thank you very much for the AMA. It was a pleasure to be there. If you have any questions please feel free to join our official telegram group or reach me via DM.

BeInCrypto: Awesome. That’s a wrap everyone! Don’t forget to go to the official StudentCoin website for more information about the project.

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