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SushiSwap ecosystem is being expanded with a new Shouu platform

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The popular decentralized SushiSwap exchange, which was launched last year, has entered the sector of nonfungible tokens and metaverse. The goal will be achieved by creating a platform that will include the best of both worlds.

The new page was named Shouu, which was launched five months after the first announcement on the SushiSwap forums.

After a week of selection by the Shouu team, artists will have the opportunity to present their digital artwork on the new NFT platform. Popular names for digital art teaching include Robert Gallardo, INJURY, Nicolas Sassoon, Thom Maуne and Keуon Christ.

The team promised that Shouu would be fully compatible with the entire Sushi Ecosystem. It was now to become “one of the first artistic places to combine the art world with the technological innovation of decentralized finance.”

After the impressive growth of the NFT industry since the beginning of 2021, which has spawned countless platforms seeking market share, SushiSwap has taken a bold step by combining the nonfungible token with the exploding popularity of the metaverse.

The SushiSwap ecosystem is being expanded with a new Shouu platform

Shouu is now trying to move from the established NFT market to the ЗD metaverse available for mobile devices, desktops, tablets, laptops and virtual reality headsets. Its gallery will allow artists to create multi-touch installations depicting a 2D image in the high-resolution ЗD world. In addition, there will be a ZD statue and a model.

The SushiSwap ecosystem is being expanded with a new Shouu platform

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