January 17, 2021


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Taiwanese computer maker, Advantech surfers ransomware attack

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TL:DR Breakdown:

  • Taiwan-based computer maker Advantech was recently attacked with Conti ransomware, which encrypted some of their data.
  • The attackers demanded about 750 Bitcoin to decrypt the stolen data; else, it will be exposed.

Taiwanese industrial computer maker Advantech was recently involved in a ransomware attack that got most of their data stolen and encrypted, precisely by the Conti ransomware gang. According to reports, the attackers are demanding millions of dollars in Bitcoin as a ransom. Ransomware attacks have been on the rise since this year, and Bitcoin and Monero have been the most preferred option of payment for these bad actors.

Conti ransomware attack on Advantech

Advantech is reportedly the biggest supplier of industrial computers around the world, and they also manufacture devices used for healthcare and IoT solutions. The company was attacked last week. The Conti Ransomware attackers claimed to have accessed most of their data. They threatened to release them, except the company complies with paying about 750 Bitcoin ransom, which is worth about $13.8 million at today’s price, around $18,500.

Since the attack, no payment has been sent to the attacker by Advantech. Per the report, the computer maker is insinuating that the attack didn’t cause any major damage. Although the servers were attacked, Advantech noted that efforts to recover them are currently underway. Other systems weren’t affected, and its productions, orders, and products shipping are flowing normally.

Ransomware threats

Due to the delay in payment, the Conti ransomware attackers reportedly released a huge archive of the stolen data (about 3-gigabyte data) on the leak site. The attackers claimed they released data represents only two percent of the entire stolen data. They are threatening to release even more if Advantech doesn’t comply with their Bitcoin ransom demand.

Earlier this month, Cryptopolitan reported another ransomware attack on Campari, an Italian alcoholic liqueur. The attackers hacked and encrypted their data, demanding about $15 million in Bitcoin it will be decrypted. 

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