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Technical analysis [LINK / USD] – In 2020 to present value: +128%

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Technical analysis [LINK / USD] - In 2020 to present value: +128%

Today we look at Chainlink, which in 2019 created an incredible pump. It continues in 2020.


Assessment of the world market situation and impact on the cryptoworld


World stock markets continue to fall. This is due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. Markets are currently counting on central banks to try to mitigate the economic consequences of the epidemic by easing monetary policy.
China is trying to prevent the spread of the disease by reducing economic activity and markets are afraid that it will be similar in other countries.
These fears of massive economic damage have also pulled down global stock indices.

But in the case of cryptocurrencies I still believe that this is a natural market development.


Technical analysis [LINK / USD] - In 2020 to present value: +128%


[LINK / USD] In 2020 to present value: +128%


Chainlink – a phenomenon of the crypt world! Somehow this is one of the most successful cryptocurrencies not only this year but also the last one. The year 2019 ended LINK with a profit of 527%. If we count the values ​​from the first January 2019, when the price was $ 0.41, then its high in 2019 reached the value of 4.81 USD. This growth would be 1,048%. Of course, after the summer we fell significantly down and this profit was reduced by half.


Technical analysis [LINK / USD] - In 2020 to present value: +128%


In 2020


Let’s focus on LINK in 2020. Up to 128% this year predicts successful continuation of LINK in 2020. We are currently at $ 3.95. The bigger slump was over when LINK bounced to $ 3.37. High in 2020, we registered at $ 4.86. We currently see no reason to panic or any obstacles why LINK could not continue to grow after a slight decline. Of course, the situation regarding both world markets and Bitcoin is serious, but it seems that LINK does not have much influence and is still in the bull market.

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