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Tennessee BTC Miner Must to Shut Down Machines

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The United States is today the largest country in the world in mining BTC after China pursued the miners. Despite this, BTC miners do not have such a peaceful life on American soil. A large Tennessee BTC miner, for example, was forced to shut down all of its machines and close its pool. That’s because residents close to the site complained to the authorities, according to local media reports.

Tennessee BTC miner Red Dog finished

The court order came after the county court approved a plea deal following the complaints. Washington County claimed the mining violates zoning laws and makes a lot of noise. In addition, said mining pool power consumption is also a problem.

The deal allows Red Dog, the company that owns the pool, to build its facility in a more suitable location. As the authorities point out, the “best place” would be the Washington County Industrial Park.

Now the parties are awaiting approval from the board of Bright Ridge, the local electric utility.

According to the lawsuit, the noise of fans at the site was the beginning of complaints from residents. So, to avoid future problems, the new location needs to undergo independent and constant noise monitoring.

During the trial, the company said it did not anticipate the problems its mining site would cause. In addition, he apologized to the population and committed to complying with the agreement in full.

BTC mining has proven to be a profitable business for people and corporations across the world.

Electricity providers in certain countries, such as Kenya for example, are offering their surplus energy to miners.

Furthermore, oil companies are entering the sector and mining BTC as a new source of revenue.

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