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Tezos will be the Cambridge blockchain

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From the historical cryptocurrencies like Tezos relatively little is said, thanks to the boom in 2021 of protocols of new generation. But when we have such important groups in front of us – with such important commercial, technological and public relations organizations – historical agreements are always around the corner.

And they can start pushing on gas of adoption and therefore also of the market price, as was the case for Tezos and in relation to the agreement with the Cambridge University. Very interesting and in agreement green key – one of the most important public discussion topics of this era. Agreement that will cover a carbon credit market (which we will talk about later) based on the blockchain from Tezos.

Tezos the green cryptocurrency par excellence?

This would seem to be the conclusion of the important one Cambridge University, which has decided to rely on the infrastructure of Tezos to create an efficient market of carbon credits, i.e. the credits that companies buy and sell and which represent a tot from CO2 emissions. A market that already exists – just think of the fact that for companies like Tesla they are a significant part of their income.

The opinion of the Cambridge University is that the market – also thanks to the recent efforts at COP26 – could be made more efficient thanks to the use of infrastructures in blockchain. The choice of Tezos? It would be due to the low consumption of each transaction and the stance carbon free of the network, even with possible future purchases of the same carbon credits.

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According to the announcement of the Cambridge University systems will also be integrated artificial intelligence and of satellites to monitor deforestation, with the aim of achieving the reversal of the trend by 2030 next.

Slow and expensive systems for awarding carbon credits have undermined confidence in this type of market. What we need is a decentralized market where credit buyers can be sure they are spent on projects based on nature conservation. And that’s what we’re trying to achieve with our new Cambridge Center for Carbon Credits.

This is the comment of Anil Madhavapeddy, who is director of the Center and who has also expressed himself with words of praise for the Tezos blockchain, which adds one of the most important institutions in the world to the already rich parterre of partners.

What does it mean for Tezos in terms of price?

XTZ it is in a decent moment of shape – even if this type of news should always be evaluated with the meter of the medium and long term. They are hardly able to produce short-term effects, even if in any case they have not insignificant repercussions both on the levels of use of the network, and therefore on the demand for token.

Despite, as we reiterated at the beginning, we always talk relatively little about Tezos, our advice is to continue to monitor the token, as well as initiatives of this type, which once again demonstrate the strength of a protocol that has become a passepartout for several initiatives that need one performing blockchain and possibly low impact.

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